Red Sift: Why Modern Brand Protection Starts With Securing Your Domain

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red sift

A company’s brand isn’t just a logo, trademark, or rulebook. It’s the identity that solidifies its values, distinguishes it from competitors, and ultimately underpins its purpose. A strong brand takes time and effort to cultivate, and it is intrinsic to a business’ success. In fact, 46% of consumers will pay more for brands they trust.1 It’s no wonder that brand protection is creeping up the priority lists of global businesses in 2022.

There was a time when the term brand protection signified tightening trademarks, cracking down on counterfeits, and retrieving intellectual property. But with businesses today experiencing rapid digitization, near-reliance on the internet, and adoption of new technologies, the surface area for attack is vast, and sadly brand abuse has branched out. Online brand abuse, particularly that which relies on domain impersonation and fraud to be successful, is more achievable than ever, making effective brand protection increasingly complex.

In this eBook we explore modern brand protection, how it thrives in today’s digital landscape, and why an effective brand protection strategy aimed at preventing fraud starts with securing your domain.