Radware: Top DDoS Attacks To Prepare For

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ddos attacks

DDoS and network-layer attacks are as diverse as they are sophisticated. From DNS Water Torture attacks, SSL Floods, Ransom DoS assaults and Layer 7 application attacks, attack tools and services are easy to access, making the pool of possible assaults larger than ever before.

And thanks to the growing array of online marketplaces, it is now possible for hackers to wreak havoc with little to no knowledge of networks and cyberattacks. 

Now more than ever, it’s critical that your DDoS mitigation solution provides comprehensive protection from a broad array of DDoS assaults. 

Download this whitepaper by Radware to learn: 

  • The 8 most common and sophisticated DDoS attacks today
  • The impact DDoS attacks can have on your business
  • How to mitigate these DDoS assaults