Radware: 360° Application Protection

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radware 360 app protection

For many organizations, their biggest concern when migrating their application environment to the cloud is how it may impact their attack surface. Their concern is valid. 

Cyberattacks are up, the number of threat actors is increasing and there are so many security options to choose from in the marketplace. Combine this complexity with tightened budgets and the shortage of security expertise and securing your applications becomes even more stressful.

At the same time, trying to put together a security plan with different vendors only serves to muddy the waters. Not only does it result in poor security and higher costs,  but it can also lead to security siloes that greatly increase the risk of attack. 

In this guide, Radware explains why it’s crucial organizations consolidate their application protection solutions, exploring:

  • Why security management should be capable from a single console 
  • Why holistic application protection is so important
  • How Radware’s 360° Application Protection helps keep businesses secure