Qwiet AI: Static Application Security Testing - A SAST Tools Buyer’s Guide

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SAST buyers guide

SAST, or static application security testing, is a tool that analyzes code or binaries in order to detect security flaws. A good SAST tool integrates with development workflows, allowing for automated testing and quick feedback to developers on issues that need to be fixed. It helps make software security a more integral part of software development, thus putting better, more trustworthy software into clients’ hands.

Choosing a SAST tool is an important decision. It is one of the core elements of secure software development, and it is a tool that you will depend on for years to come. You will save time, money, and headaches — and also put yourself in the best position to develop secure software — by assessing your needs fully and choosing a SAST tool that will fit them for the long term.

Read this buyer's guide to learn more about:

  • Who needs SAST and why is it an important decision
  • What SAST can do and its benefits
  • SAST tool requirements