Palo Alto Networks: 2023 Unit 42 Attack Surface Threat Report

Published on
07/02/2024 05:40 PM
palo alto networks

Cloud-based IT infrastructure is always in a state of flux. Even with a good inventory of assets, 20% changes monthly. Plus, infrastructure risk fluctuates by 45%. Meanwhile, cloud services continue to proliferate rapidly. Both public and private sectors struggle with understanding how to efficiently manage their attack surfaces.  

Our latest research on the state of the global attack surface indicates it’s time to re-evaluate cybersecurity strategies. The Cortex® Xpanse research team studied nearly 250 organizations and their internet-accessible exposures. This report outlines the key findings and recommendations.

Download the “2023 Unit 42 Attack Surface Threat Report.” You’ll discover:

  • Critical exposures facing your industry
  • Techniques to reduce cybersecurity risks
  • Strategies to protect your organization