Mezmo: Telemetry Data Profiling

Published on
18/10/2023 03:22 PM

Telemetry data is overwhelming, but mastering it can be transformative. You are probably sifting through mountains of telemetry data.

Understanding your data gives you the power to streamline, optimize, and harness its full potential. Don't merely foot the bill for excess. With Mezmo, you can elevate your observability game.

To help you better understand and optimize your telemetry data, Mezmo experts will:

  • Profile your telemetry data sample
  • Provide a report with identified log and event patterns
  • Make recommendations to optimize the data
  • Design a remediation plan for cost reduction
  • Offer up to 10 hours of consulting at no charge

Click here to sign up for Mezmo's limited-time offer to help you understand your telemetry data and make recommendations for optimization AT NO COST TO YOU.