HollandParker: OneStream - Implementing a Financial Consolidation System to Capture Investment Activity

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holland parker

A global investment company needed to build a consolidation system to manage the financial performance of their multi-billion-dollar investments in several subsidiaries and operating partners.

It needed to organise investment results by the operating partner to build accurate financial reports and develop the capability to generate reports based on different attributes for the portfolios to make informed decisions on investment strategy.

HollandParker implemented the OneStream XF platform to enable the company to capture accurate information for reporting and decision-making, improve the data collection process, add visibility and oversight over financial data quality and timeliness, and increase agility to fulfil ad-hoc reporting requests.

Read this case study to learn how OneStream empowered the company to:

  • Establish a simpler, streamlined consolidations process
  • Increase reliability on the accuracy of data being analysed 
  • Gain real-time access to centralised financial data