Fivetran: A Guide to Modern Database Replication

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fivetran database replication

Modern enterprises today rely on tens if not hundreds of applications to run critical processes and store important pieces of data. 

But traditional on-prem servers are often unable to handle heightened application workloads, impacting your company’s ability to perform real-time analytics, transformations and visualisations on your data.

That’s where database replication comes in. Database replication is the process of creating and storing database copies in multiple locations, such as your cloud data warehouse, data lake or other databases, to improve data availability and accessibility across the enterprise. 

In this comprehensive guide, Fivetran delves deep into the ins and outs of database replication, exploring its types, benefits, and challenges in the modern enterprise. 

Read the guide today to learn:

  • How database replication can benefit your business
  • The key challenges of implementing database replication
  • How you can get started with database replication.