FileCloud: Enabling Secure File Sharing and Storage for Financial Workflow Automation

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HiVRs was constructed as a stand-alone workflow automation tool that integrates with hundreds of applications. It serves as the automation engine powering Zovanti – a financial services CRM that functions on top of Salesforce. 

But data stuck in a silo is useless to financial services providers and their clients. That’s why HiVRs needed a document management system that could be integrated with their workflow automation application, while also supporting security and regulatory requirements and providing clients with anywhere, anytime access.

This case study explores what made HiVRs choose FileCloud as a solution to support data sovereignty and control. 

Download the full resource to learn:

  • Why HiVRs needed a document management solution
  • Why FileCloud was the ideal option for HiVRs
  • The impact of implementing FileCloud for workflow automation