Cyera: How a Multinational Pharmaceutical Company Uses Cyera to Improve Data Security and Compliance

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In this case, study, Cyera explores how it helped a pharmaceutical provider overcome gaps in their data visibility and understand their sensitive data exposure. 

The organisation, which provides life-changing research and development and works with innovative companies, research hospitals, and scientists to solve medical needs, has the responsibility to manage and protect over nine petabytes of sensitive data.

This data is collected and stored in AWS and shared across the organization using Microsoft 365. Some of the data includes patient data, research data, clinical trial data, and patent information.

The firm chose Cyera’s data security platform to analyse its cloud data stores, integrating Cyera’s data into Splunk to create a centralised data lake with information and context on all their cloud data. 

Read this case study to learn how Cyera enabled the organisation to: 

  • Create and tune risk metrics to protect sensitive data
  • Define internal remediation workflows
  • Define roles and responsibilities across business units and incident response teams