Cyera: How Cyera Helped a Mortgage Lender Secure and Manage Sensitive Data

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In this case study, Cyera explores how it helped a leading financial services firm in the US increase visibility into their cloud data stores, identify excessive permissions to sensitive customer data, and meet compliance requirements of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).

The mortgage provider manages vast stores of consumer data, including social security numbers, bank account numbers, loan information, credit history, and other sensitive data.  

Keeping this sensitive data secure was critical to the firm since as a financial services organization it must comply with the GLBA, which requires government agencies that regulate financial institutions to implement regulations to carry out the Act's financial privacy provisions.

The mortgage lender and servicer engaged with Cyera as a crucial part of its efforts to protect itself against risks and ensure compliance with GLBA. 

Read this whitepaper now to learn how Cyera helped the organization:

  • Provide security and encryption for sensitive data
  • Comply with financial data privacy regulations
  • Find the tools to manage, govern and secure data