Cinchy: Eckerson Group - The Rise of Dataware

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Cinchy: Eckerson Group - The Rise of Dataware

This whitepaper will change your mind about data.

You can now set your enterprise data free into its own network, where the need for endless and costly integration is dead and your data can be made available to any application as needed, available to anyone as needed.

This reality is here today and getting there is actually quite simple. It’s called dataware.

Dataware is revolutionizing data management and availability. Just as the advent of software decoupled function from hardware and enabled the birth of the modern computer, dataware seeks to decouple data from software to enable a new paradigm of application- 100% free and independent data.

This report from Eckerson Group gives you a great first look into the world of datware. It covers:

  • What dataware actually is
  • How Dataware compares to and outperforms other popular approaches to data centralisation, data warehouses, data lakes and data fabrics