Brytlyt: Revolutionary Server Analytics

Published on
09/05/2022 10:13 AM
Brytlyt: Revolutionary Server Analytics

What is serverless?

Because Brytlyt is serverless, users only need a browser to access our full suite of accelerated analytics technology running on cloud-based GPU hardware - whenever they want, for however long they want.

Just like when using a taxi:

With Brytlyt, customers only pay for what they use. They have complete control to scale capacity up and down as needed, with direct access to our patented software, powered by cutting-edge GPU hardware in the cloud. Just like getting a taxi, you’re only charged for the resources you actually use.

Unlike inflexible and costly on-prem or cloud services, Brytlyt users are empowered to do more with our accelerated analytics platform, unrestricted by hidden costs, and unshackled from complex hardware or software management.