Agile Lab: Top 6 Data Trends for 2023

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data trends 2023

The need to be truly data-driven is a long term objective for modern enterprises that wish to stay ahead of the curve, but the world of data can be difficult to keep up with. Agile Lab has identified 6 main data trends for 2023, in order for you to: 

  • Extract actionable insights through Data Management 
  • Navigate through the complexity of proper governance at scale 
  • Understand and respond to internal and external changes 

According to Harvard Business Review only 26.5% of companies have successfully established a data-driven organization: While trends are ephemeral by nature, as we move into the new year, we can recognize how both the lessons learned in the past year as well as the challenges that are currently impacting companies from a market, environmental, organizational and technological standpoint, help in shaping the priorities and necessities for data experts in 2023.

What’s in this report? 

  1. Productization of Data, to achieve faster delivery of value and ROI in the long term 
  2. Data Governance, to reduce lock-in and optimize costs 
  3. Significant Changes to Vertical Markets, to address which are the industries that face the most particular challenges 
  4. Speed of Delivery, to manage, protect and value data quickly and efficiently 
  5. Broader Adoption of Data Mesh, to address the challenges given by traditional architectures 
  6. New Key Skills required, to achieve success in “engineering” data production and delivery