Tech Chat Episode 72: Boundless Cybersecurity and Ease of Use

Published on
27/08/2020 11:30 AM
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Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses all over the world began operating remotely. While, for the most part, it's proven to be an effective way to operate (in fact, some companies have decided to shift to a remote-first model permanently), there is one significant drawback: employees are less secure.

Thus, the case for boundless cybersecurity is ever-more compelling. Joining us to delve further into the matter is Terry Greer-King, VP EMEA at SonicWall. Terry firstly introduces the idea of boundless cybersecurity and what it involves. He then demonstrates how this level of security applies to remote workers using their own devices, and why ease of use is so sought after in cybersecurity tools. Tune in to find out more!