"The more data you crunch, the higher your ROI" | Yaniv Leven, SQream @ Tech Show London 2023

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 The EM360 team was at Tech Show London 2023 to interview business leaders and industry experts about everything Enterprise technology – from AI to cybersecurity to data. 

Yesterday we spoke to Yaniv Leven VP of SaaS Products at SQream about the power of data analytics and its necessity for any company's success in the current economic climate. 

"The more data you crunch, the higher your ROI"

When asked about the importance of making data-driven decisions in the modern enterprise, Mr Leven explained that companies must use data to increase their ROI. 

“Well in the modern data Enterprise, organisations are fighting for every cent of the ROI.  A good example of that is Ad tech. Ad tech makes money off how much they price their segmentations. One more column of more granular data or two more days of information immediately translates into a higher ROI.

It basically comes down to the more data you can crunch, the faster you can crunch data and the faster you can gain insights, the higher your ROI is going to be. 

Specifically in industries like ad tech, retail and manufacturing, those cost ratios are extremely important.”