"Developers are Looking to do More with Less!" | Laurent Balmelli @ Tech Show London

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Tech Show London 2024 has just come to a close following two days filled with expert insights, ground-breaking stories, and discussions from some of the biggest names in the tech industry. 

As official media partners of Tech Show London, our editorial team attended the event to speak to industry leaders, experts and key vendors to discuss everything from AI to cybersecurity to data.

In this interview, we spoke to Laurent Balmelli, CEO & Head of Product at Strong Network, about how cost and efficiency are impacting software development and the role of Strong Network in making development more efficient. 


About Strong Network

Strong Network delivers a self-hosted platform that allows organizations to manage the first secure Cloud Development Environments (CDEs). They use secure CDEs to provide access to their developers to ready-to-code Linux development environments with native data security.

CDEs are spurring the fastest DevOps transformation trend today with the entire cloud-native development effort moving to this technology. They also recently became a new Gartner technology category where Strong Network is recognized as one of the vendors.