"Bring data closer to your software" | Elad Uzan, Datorios @ Tech Show London 2023

Published on
10/03/2023 10:54 AM
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The EM360 team was at Tech Show London 2023 to interview business leaders and industry experts about everything Enterprise technology – from AI to cybersecurity to data.  

Yesterday we spoke to Elad Uzan, VP of Global Sales and Data Solutions Architecture at Datorios, about the data pipeline and how companies better manage their data. 

Organisations must prioritise data visibility and monitoring 

When asked about some of the major challenges the enterprise is facing from a data pipeline perspective, Mr Uzan said that visibility and monitoring capabilities are critical pain points for many organisations. 

“Data tends to change fast and due to that you need to have very good visibility and monitoring capabilities and you need to bring data as much as close to the software that is processing that, and this is something that will really change in that space. 

We grow the data to be as close as possible to the processing that is done so that you can always see the data touching the software and then you can really shrink the time it takes you to maintain or to build. The combination is what takes the most time and is really a pain for most of the teams we meet,” Mr Uzan said. 

Cloud-native is the future of the data pipeline 

When asked about the future of the data pipeline within the next year or so, Mr Uzan explained that many companies will be turning to cloud-based solutions to save many of the challenges in the pipeline. 

“Cloud native is really evolving and due to that and, as data is increasing significantly exponentially exploring and exploding, we bring the cloud native power into that space by auto-scaling and all the things that are related to scale are a big pain in data specifically because of scalability

You might solve a problem but then solve that [problem] from million events and a billion events, now it's not the same thing. So you need to build not only a solution but also a solution that Is scalable enough to solve your problem,” Mr Uzan said.