"Data Engineers are Becoming Software Engineers!..." | Bart Vandekerckhove @ Tech Show London

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Tech Show London 2024 has just come to a close following two days filled with expert insights, ground-breaking stories, and discussions from some of the biggest names in the tech industry. 

As official media partners of Tech Show London, our editorial team attended the event to speak to industry leaders, experts and key vendors to discuss everything from AI to cybersecurity to data.

In this interview, we spoke to Bart Vandekerckhove, CEO at Raito, about the importance of generative AI in the data space and how AI is impacting data management.



About Raito

Raito believes you should not have to balance data security with innovation. Raito's unique solution integrates with the data development process and lets data teams monitor, manage, and automate data security across the data stack. Data teams choose Raito to make data development more productive and secure.

Raito can be deployed within minutes, letting you observe data access and process data access requests within the first day. It also reduces the time to access by integrating with your pipelines, automatically managing entitlements and streamlining data access request workflows. In this way, Raito removes the red tape so you can continue to innovate.