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14/10/2021 02:05 PM
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Working online and the hybrid work lifestyle has provided many employees with an opportunity to cut down on commuting costs, stay more focused on their immediate work without office distractions and manage their workflow at their own pace. For many, hybrid working has improved companies' wellbeing and financial situations. 

Poly has revealed some fascinating statistics in their "The Evolution of the Workplace"  report, noting that 45% of correspondents no longer have shame in how they look at work, allowing them to be less self conscious at work. Furthermore, 42% of correspondents found that working online has shielded them from "office rage" that they might encounter from noisy colleagues.

The Challenges of Working Online

While working online has allowed employees to avoid these shortcomings, it does come with its own challenges. The same study from Poly also revealed that 52% of correspondents believe that hybrid workers could be discriminated against, with a solid 72% of workers stating that the thought of going back to work in the office was keeping them up at night. 

The responsibility then falls on employers to create an office environment that workers feel welcome at. As the author of the Poly report accurately noted, an organisation is only as strong as its workers, and if employers haven't created an atmosphere where hybrid workers feel happy about office days, this will result in a weakened team. 

Most recently, our Head of Content Max Kurton and Communications Manager and Content Writer Ashley Faith Fontaine went to the Poly offices to learn more about the nature of hybrid work. 

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