Top 10 Endpoint Detection & Response Software

Published on
21/06/2021 10:19 AM

What antivirus software can't do, Endpoint Detection and Response excels at. Endpoint Detection and Response software is a growing area in the world of endpoint security. EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) tools are offerings that can investigate, detect, and remove any malicious software capable of penetrating a network’s devices. 

These tools are ideal for assessing the health and safety of an endpoint wherever it is, whether you’re dealing with a smartphone or a computer. EDR tools can alert security teams of any malicious activities and make it easier to contain attacks in various environments. In the new age of hybrid and distributed work, EDR solutions are more popular than ever. 

Here are just some of the Endpoint Detection & Response software solutions you can consider for your business in 2021 and beyond.

Sophos Intercept X

The Intercept X Endpoint protection system from Sophos promises a next-generation solution for endpoint defence in the digital age. Offering protection against a host of malware issues, ransomware, exploits, and viruses, this service covers many of the significant risks that companies face every day. The Sophos solution is also ranked among the top contenders from market-leading analysts like Gartner, CRN, Forrester, and many others.

EDR features from Sophos Intercept range from threat hunting solutions that help you to track the source of a problem remotely, to exploit prevention and deep learning technology. Your system can even respond automatically to attacks.

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MVISION Endpoint Security

Designed by a market-leading security company, McAfee, MVISION Endpoint Security allows businesses to future-proof their companies with intelligent protection. The integrated XDR solution makes it easier to empower remote workforces to stay efficient and productive in any environment. Native OS controls and behavioural blocking strategies, exploit prevention, machine learning, and so much more. 

The security platform comes with access to actionable intelligence, scalable real-time responses, enhanced remediation, and AI-guided investigations, among other exciting features. You can even set proactive countermeasures.

Sentinel One ActiveEDR

Ensure your business remains secure at all times with ActiveEDR; the intelligent EDR offering from Sentinel One. ActiveEDR tracks everything that happens on a device, so companies can thoroughly examine any threats. There’s access to notifications when malicious issues arise in real-time and automated response strategies too.

ActiveEDR can identify problems in any endpoint environment, with access to intelligent tools that automatically hunt down problems fast. There’s also AI technology built-in, so your EDR system becomes smarter and more attuned to your business over time. All that, and you can run everything through an easy-to-use backend.

VMware Carbon Black

VMware is one of the better-known names in digital technology and innovation. It’s no surprise then that the VMware Carbon Black EDR system ranks among the top security systems in the world. With threat hunting and incident response built-in, VMware promises companies an easy way to maintain business continuity in a changing landscape. You can even see what’s going on with your devices when they’re in offline mode, so you’re less likely to miss threats. 

Highly scalable, the Carbon Black ecosystem allows companies to detect and respond to advanced attacks, with visual data insights, and comprehensive information about potential problematic events. Security professionals can shut issues down fast and develop better reports to help protect against issues in the future.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

A powerful enterprise endpoint security platform, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint builds on an existing portfolio of robust protection tools from Microsoft. The Defender comes with a host of capabilities, including the option to set up automated responses to threats and instant notifications. There’s also support for a fully agent-less, cloud-powered deployment, with no need for additional infrastructure.

Microsoft allows businesses of all sizes to automate their security strategies, with deeper insights into every potential trend in cybersecurity threats. The Defender solution has earned recognition as a marketplace leader from Forrester, Gartner, and Mitre.

FireEye Endpoint Security

FireEye Endpoint Security is an integrated solution for business security and threat tracking, designed to work on a host of endpoints. With this service, companies can ensure that every desktop, laptop, and server they run is protected against possible breaches. You can block common malware using a signature-based engine, stop advanced threats with a machine learning tool, and halt application exploitation with a behavioural analysis engine. 

FireEye Endpoint Security promises protection across the board for businesses moving into a new hybrid work environment. The fully integrated system also includes malware protection, antivirus defence, and automated remediation.

Palo Alto Networks Traps

The “Traps” service from Palo Alto Networks aims to replace traditional antivirus and malware protection with a comprehensive EDR offering. This proprietary system combines a range of purpose-built tools for exploit and malware prevention, designed to help users stay safe against a growing marketplace full of threats. 

The Traps system prevents cyber breaches in a range of environments by pre-emptively protecting against known malware and potential exploits or threats. Users get the freedom to do their work efficiently through their favourite web-based technologies, while business leaders have access to a full strategy for security and attack mitigation.


A system built to combine all the best features of various leading endpoint detection and response applications, Code42 is a unique offering for today’s companies. You’ll find endless tools for protecting your company within this service, including security monitoring for potential malware and ransomware attacks, automated incident response and more. 

Code42 is a business that takes a full end-to-end approach to security and visibility, helping companies with everything from risk remediation and response to risk exposure tracking, risk posture, risk tolerance, and analytics.

Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Cisco AMP for Endpoints, or Secure Endpoint, is a powerful endpoint security solution designed to suit the needs of any company. According to Cisco, you can reimagine your endpoint security through the SecureX platform, which delivers integrated XDR capabilities to enhance your protection strategy and make it easier to track potential threats. 

Cisco customers can easily stop threats before they have a long-term impact on the business, remediate problems faster with an 85% quicker response time, and improve company operations. The Secure Endpoint system delivers multifaceted protection with signature-based techniques, behavioural analytics, and machine learning.

N-Able N-Central

Designed by a leader in security and technology management, N-Central is the state-of-the-art EDR offering from N-Able. The flagship remote monitoring and management service gives businesses the freedom to properly manage, protect, and automate their systems at scale. The service is available either hosted, or on-premises, and it can scale as much as you need.

On top of giving you the tools you need to track security issues and prevent them long-term, the N-Able team also adds automation tools into N-Central. These tools make it quicker and easier to issue responses to potential attacks. You also get proactive alerting, and advanced security control options too.