Top 10 Uses of AI in the Contact Centre

Published on
22/09/2020 10:39 AM

Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting new tools in the world today. Everywhere you look, you can see examples of technology becoming more intelligent. In our houses, we have smart assistants that can order food, and organise our security systems. At home, intelligent bots help with sharing and managing information. 

From a corporate perspective, some of the biggest benefits of AI comes in the contact centre, where tools can help to deliver a better level of customer service through everything from intelligently routing conversations to the right agent, to providing self-service tools. 

Here are some excellent examples of how AI revolutionises the contact centre. 

Distance-based communication

parlamind, an industry-leading solution for customer service and satisfaction, supports distance-based communication through AI. Their solution ensures that you can be available to your customers 24/7 and provide the right answers to questions whenever your clients need to. The auto response system also ensures that you get a more impressive response time. 

What's more, parlamind supports the standardisation of customer service solutions for your brand. There’s even intelligent dialogue management available to reliably classify incoming communication as spoken words and ignore other noise. 


Customers today want more opportunities to solve their own issues before they turn to teams for further assistance. Self-service solutions with AI and machine learning built in are excellent for this purpose. Talkdesk, one of the market leaders in contact centre solutions, provides self-service systems through the visual SDK. 

Essentially, this SDK or software development kit streamlines your ability to create custom experiences for audiences through iOS and Android devices. There’s no need for any excess APIs or coding knowledge to get started. With this technology, teams can build a self-service strategy into their existing application in minutes. 

Capturing data from customer interactions

Many of the significant businesses investing in AI today are exploring the benefits of the technology for things like customer service and support. The best way for any business to ensure that it’s giving the right experiences to its audience is to pay attention to the data and information available. 

AI analytics tools, like those provided by RingCentral for the contact centre, help to collect handy insights into the experiences of customers and clients throughout the buyer journey. This AI can highlight trends in customer experiences, common problems that audience members might have, and more, so that it’s easier for business leaders to make decisions that support the best interests of their customers. 

Managing big data

Big data is a critical tool for businesses of all sizes. The more data we can access about our customers, processes, and strategies, the easier it is to make powerful decisions. Cloudera, one of the market leaders in Enterprise Data Hubs, uses the Apache Hadoop data environment at the core to access a central, scalable, and flexible environment for secure workloads. 

Using intelligent tools, Cloudera makes it easier for business leaders of all sizes to handle their large portions of data, from all aspects of the contact centre. You can collect information from everything from spoken conversations, to interactions that happen with customers via text and messaging. 

Interactive voice response processes

Interactive voice response solutions are much more advanced today thanks to AI. Nice InContact offers an excellent example of this with the CXone voice self-service solution. CXone interactive voice response is a self-service system that accelerates resolution, improves routing, and cuts costs with automation. 

As part of a unified and cloud-native platform, the CXone IVR tool comes integrated with the Automatic Contact Distributor from Nice InContact and features the same simple design tools for visual data-directed routing strategies. 

Navigating customers around the web

Google is probably one of the biggest companies in the world, including from an AI perspective. Over the years, the organisation has invested significant time and money into supporting clients on their journey for better search experiences. Not so long ago, Google even purchased its own AI company, DeepMind, to get more assistance with machine learning and intelligent algorithms. 

Now that experts predict that many customer service interactions will not be handled with a human agent, it’s more important than ever for business leaders to consider the benefits of bots for navigation. Intelligent search tools and even chat bots that can guide the customer to the right page are essential here. 

Predicting customer behaviour

Vonage is one of the market leaders in communication tools and contact centre systems for the modern landscape. This company believes that one of the best ways to take customer service to the next level is to use AI to predict what your audience needs before they come to you with their questions and concerns. 

Although you may never be able to predict completely what a customer might do in the years to come, you can use the trends assessed by AI systems from hundreds of thousands of different data points to make accurate assumptions. 

Better skills-based routing

Part of delivering the best possible customer service is experience and making sure that you send your customers to the agents with the right skills and knowledge to answer their questions. While this can be difficult to do manually, it becomes much easier with the help of AI. In particular, AI algorithms can analyse which agent is best suited to deal with a problem based on their skills in different areas. 

Removing humans from the skills-based routing tasks in the call centre improves the chances that your customers will get through the right agent first time around. Companies like CallMiner help with this by showing teams how to use skills-based routing effectively. 

Contact centre monitoring

The needs of customers and clients are constantly evolving. With the right analytics and monitoring tools, it’s possible to evaluate the performance of your contact centre agents and ensure that they’re adhering to changes in demand. The innovative technology from EvaluAgent provides businesses with all the tools they need to evaluate, coach, and engage customer service and sales teams. 

Today, as more teams rely on spreadsheets to manage quality and coaching, intelligent tools like EvaluAgent can remove some of the complexity of vast documentation systems. This cloud-based improvement platform enables teams to score customer interactions and produce detailed reports. 

Biometrics for security

AI can improve the security of your business and your customers by making it easier to identify whether the people calling you are really who they say you are. Market leaders like VoiSentry can examine specific biomarkers in a customer’s voice to decide who that person is and whether their call is fraudulent. 

Just as every fingerprint is unique, every voice has its own distinctive markers that separate it from the crowd. It’s worth keeping an eye on these factors when you’re trying to secure your business landscape.