Top 10 System Integrator Companies for 2022

Published on
23/08/2022 09:23 AM

As digital transformation continues at an incredible pace, businesses all over the world are turning to various systems, software solutions and applications to enable and empower teams by enabling system integrations. In this landscape, the average company is using anywhere up to 110 SaaS apps at any given time, alongside a range of other tools and hardware. 

With the technology we rely on each day growing more diverse and distributed, organisations are beginning to search for ways to bring technology together in a more aligned environment. System Integrator companies specialise in synergising the evolving technology stack. They can help to reduce the amount of complexity in your ecosystem, minimising threats and improving productivity. 

The challenge is finding the right Systems Integrator for your needs. Here are just some of the biggest brands worth looking at in 2022


A company committed to the financial services landscape, Fiserv focuses on bringing tools and technology together for the highly regulated companies in the financial world. The Systems Integration services offered by this organisation are designed to help clients through every stage of the digital transformation journey, as they search for better operational efficiency and agility. 

With Fiserv, companies can leverage dedicated IT resources for access to product and domain expertise, invest in a range of scalable and customised services, and align the front office and back-office environment. There are also solutions to help innovators in leveraging the latest technologies in the cloud, advanced analytics, and automation.


Tata Consultancy Services

If you’re looking for expert guidance to support your digital transformation journey, Tata Consultancy Services could have the ideal solution. The TCS team provides expert recommendations to ensure a 360-degree evolution of your data landscape. The service offerings include zero-touch network provisioning, virtualisation, and security enhancements. 

Over the years, TCS has helped countless companies integrate their existing network tools with modern platform innovations, including virtual networks and cloud technology. The team can help with everything from resource utilisation and planning, to cost optimisation, and implementing industry best practices for your business operations.



CGI is a data and technology-focused company offering a wide range of modern services to growing businesses. The brand specialises in everything from advanced analytics and intelligent automation, to helping companies make the transition into the cloud. CGI’s system integration services enable a seamless and secure migration into a new age of technology any organisation. 

The company has already helped countless brands align their technology for greater customer service, productivity, and cost savings. What’s more, CGI promises fantastic transparency through every step of your integration process, so you can track all of your connected tools, from IoT systems to contact centre and ERP tools.



A global software engineering company with 20 years of experience and success, iTransition ensures businesses can find their way into the new age of technology. The company offers a range of software-focused services, including dedicated application development and security, as well as software product engineering. There’s also a range of services available for enterprise app integration.

iTransition helps leading and growing companies to connect enterprise ecosystems to reduce the risks involved with silos throughout your organisation. They can also implement application testing as part of the software development lifecycle, to ensure your tools and technologies continue to work as intended after they’re connected.



Market leader in cloud technology innovations, Infosys offers dedicated “Integration-as-a-Service” solutions to growing companies. With Infosys, companies can build boundary-less businesses by securely connecting technologies, databases, processes, and applications across the enterprise. What’s more, the cloud-based technology ensures an agile and consistent flow of data. 

Infosys also offers businesses access to a cloud services dashboard, where they can gain end-to-end visibility into business processes, and ensure service remains consistent across hybrid deployments. According to Infosys, their services accelerate digital transitions by up to 40%, and can reduce the cost of operations by 30%.


Aspire Systems

Aspire Systems is a dedicated technology innovator with a range of digital services to offer businesses across a host of complex industries. The company provides Systems Integration services as part of a robust collection of digital transformation initiatives. With Aspire’s help, companies can create a powerful, secure, and agile infrastructure for better application interoperability. 

Aspire focuses on helping companies to make the most out of their future and current investments, with parallel system governance and integration for legacy systems. You can also work hand-in-hand with an integration partner to create custom components for your technology stack, based on your unique sector requirements.



One of the better-known companies in the IT space, Capgemini has achieved excellent results in a wide variety of digital transformation projects for major brands. The company delivers powerful Systems Integration services customised to suit the needs of individual businesses, so you can ensure you get the results best-suited to your company. 

Capable of more than just linking apps and systems together, Capgemini can assist with governance and risk planning, service management and delivery, relationship management, and contract optimisation. The company works closely with each client to build a collaborative strategy for future investment and innovation.



Specialising in cloud technology, Wipro’s “Boundaryless” approach to system integration services includes a variety of extra components designed to make your digital transformation simpler. Aside from tools for connecting disparate technologies, you also get cloud advisory services and expert support through every step of your journey. 

Wipro’s intelligent cloud systems integration services include reference architectures to help you in designing and deploying the perfect environment for your technology. There are also various blueprints and programmable infrastructure solutions for highly repeatable results. Wipro also promises exceptional end-to-end security. 



The winner of multiple awards for systems and process integration, Cognizant simplifies the way companies run in today’s digital landscape. This company works closely with each client to plan and implement the right technology to achieve critical business goals. Through its wide selection of Enterprise Application Services, Cognizant can help any brand build a more modern landscape.

With Cognizant, companies gain access to a dedicated consultant and technology specialist, capable of combining everything from IoT to data streams. The company can even offer specific integration solutions for different enterprise needs, such as connecting the disparate elements of the supply chain or upgrading the CX stack.



Yet another market leader in the tech landscape offering Systems Integration solutions, Deloitte promises business leaders an easy way to leverage and optimise new technology. The Systems Integrations solutions offered by Deloitte help companies to manage their toughest challenges in IT migration and innovation. The team and its partners can even help build and tailor applications specific to your company’s need. 

With a holistic approach to systems integration, Deloitte covers everything from helping you to design your new technology stack to implementing apps and tools. They can also assist with functionality testing, systems development, and architecture.