The Top 10 SAP Solution Companies Right Now


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As the data-focused world continues to evolve, the number of companies searching for the perfect SAP solution is increasing. Otherwise known as “System Applications and Products” in data processing, SAP companies help business leaders to unlock new possibilities in the digital world, through consulting, organisational efficiency strategies, and unique tools. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to enhance your ERP campaigns in the years ahead, then an SAP solution company could be just the partner that you need. Here, we’re going to cover some of the better SAP options available for modern brands. 

CM (Configurable Management)

Configurable Management is a company committed to helping brands of all sizes enhance their ERP strategies and access codeless automation for SAP integration and development. The business provides unique ways for organisations to simplify, improve, and enhance their core processes linked to the SAP environment. 

According to CM, the businesses that work with them on SAP solutions reduce the amount of expenses that they need to deal with during digital transformation and achieve a much greater level of accuracy for SAP solutions. Additionally, everything is done with graphical design, with zero coding required. 

CSI Tools

Get compliant with your industry requirements and automate your audit cycle with a comprehensive service for SAP functionality. The CSI Tools brand will help you to unlock new opportunities with dynamic analytics solutions that deliver intelligence to and from decisions taken in access governance for the SAP landscape. 

The governance, risk and compliance solution designed for SAP environments from CSI Tools allows organisations to truly manage regulations and compliance, while removing risks in managing day-to-day operations. This solution is offered as a managed service, software as a service, or on-premises product. 

Jigsaw Cloud

A brand committed to helping organisations get the most out of their investments and their people, Jigsaw cloud believes that every company should be able to leverage the benefits of HR management in the cloud. This SAP solutions company has a fantastic SAP SuccessFactors consulting and management offering that helps business leaders to win the war for top talent. 

For those just getting involved in the SAP landscape for the first time, Jigsaw Cloud also offers the Smart Start solution, which is a fully packaged HR opportunity hosted in the cloud and built on the proven platform SuccessFactors. 

Tek Analytics

A company committed to delivering high-performance SAP solutions custom-made for specific industries, Tek Analytics has an SAP option for virtually every brand. SAP S/4HANA, for instance, is the first digital core intended to make IoT and business data more accessible, while SAP BI supports comprehensive business intelligence strategies powered by SAPs. 

SAP Lumira, from Tek Analytics, allows companies to deliver use-centric apps for customers and employees on an open-standard platform, while SAP Fiori is a qualified deployment solution for rapid transformation. With various customised solutions to choose from, and a host of delivery models to suit the needs of different companies, Tek Analytics is one of the most versatile choices today. 


BNW SoftwareONE

Previously known as BNW Consulting, BNW powered by SoftwareONE is a consulting solution that supports companies in making SAP technology transformation journeys. The SAP technology transformation services from this company work to increase business efficiency and reduce costs for today’s evolving organisations. 

Designed to support companies through re-engineering strategies, game-changing infrastructure changes, and significant SAP migration and modernisation services, BNW is all about taking businesses to the next level. There are various software solutions that you can also access in this brand’s value-added SAP technology space too. 


An Azure-trusted partner committed to accelerated and sustainable solutions for digital transformation, CENTIQ opens the door to exciting opportunities for businesses that need to take their organisation to the next level. The CENTIQ team delivers customised SAP transformation strategies to companies with complicated and pre-existing SAP landscapes. 

Not only does this brand give today’s companies the tools they need to accelerate growth in a modern technology world, but they also help with optimising cost and reducing risk too. You can even modernise your existing platforms in SAP with an agile model that’s based in the Azure cloud environment. 

Logic Point

A company committed to driving successful transformation outcomes for companies in almost every industry, Logic Point supports brands in making their way through the complicated process of updating and enhancing SAP technology. The company can help with everything from data management in companies with asset intensive requirements, to digital advisory. 

Thanks to a comprehensive service delivery platform, Logic Point can deliver software, services, and accelerators in a pattern that suits you, to ensure that you have the data required to make the right decisions for your brand. The consulting services also come with design-thinking functionality to solve business challenges across the enterprise. 


Deloitte stands out as one of the better-known providers of SAP solutions in the landscape today. The company has been delivering globally-renowned and award-winning services to help companies transform their business since 1989, and the opportunities available for clients continue to grow. The Deloitte team offers a full range of SAP solutions to help you realise your business value during transformational growth strategies. 

You can turn to Deloitte for help with everything from initial implementation and integration, to business case alignment services and strategy development. Deloitte can also help with SAP HANA-based preconfigured solutions, testing, and post-implementation support too. 


Leaders in consulting, and digital transformation, Capgemini has quite a huge following around the world. Today, the brand is one of the most well-known leaders in SAP software and solution management. With Capgemini, companies can access everything from upgraded intelligent ERP suites, to enhanced cloud-based environments. 

Capgemini currently reigns as one of the leaders in enterprise system integrations and digital transformation, making them a great choice for your SAP needs. They’re also one of the few companies in this list that also work as an SAP global strategic services partner and Platinum reseller too. In terms of total certified individual certifications and consultants, Capgemini is the biggest brand in the UK. 



IBM already has an amazing reputation as one of the leading providers of cloud platforms and cognitive solutions. It’s no surprise that the IBM brand also works closely with SAP to ensure that companies have access to custom solutions for transformation. With IBM, brands can unlock tailor-made strategies to enhance customer experience, increase customer value, and break into the wider digital economy. 

IBM offers a range of services and solutions for SAP, including services for C/4HANA in the cloud, and consulting services for those looking to move to the digital landscape. There’s also support for SAP SuccessFactors, Ariba, and DevOps services from IBM too.