Self-Service Business Intelligence for ERP Systems – Dream or Reality?

Published on
16/12/2019 11:15 AM

Self-service business intelligence (BI) is a growing trend as more and more business users want to be in greater control of their own reporting and analytics. Business users are often frustrated, however, when faced with the underlying complexities of the data structures and interrelationships between data sources. ERP systems are notoriously complex in terms of their underlying data structures, given the vast amount of tables and undecipherable data structures & business context. Given the fact that the majority of businesses today run on ERP systems, much of the data that’s most critical to the business resides in these systems.

Is there a way to navigate the complexity of these systems, or is unlocking the data in these systems an unachievable goal? Join Garth Laird from ZAP BI and Donna Burbank from Global Data Strategy as they discuss practical steps to achieving a successful self-service BI program for ERP systems.

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