Top 10 Intelligent Automation Tools for 2022

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Automation in all of its forms is rapidly becoming one of the most valuable tools for businesses of all sizes. Considered among the most disruptive and powerful technologies for the modern business, automation can help to streamline tasks and boost efficiency in any workplace.

Intelligent automation takes the potential of automated systems to the next level. Rather than just following a pre-set selection of if-this-then-that guidelines, intelligent automation systems can actively evaluate a situation and choose intelligent next-steps using AI and machine learning. 

Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the top 10 intelligent automation tools for 2022, and what makes them so compelling.

Cognitive Scale

One of the leading AI and automation companies globally, Cognitive Scale allows companies to automate and accelerate actionable decision intelligence in their day-to-day processes and applications. With this easy-to-use ecosystem, companies can rapidly build and orchestrate AI systems on any cloud environment with a low-code visual workbench and empower citizen developers. 

The intelligent automation ecosystem can easily integrate with a range of existing tools and applications. Plus, everything is built to ensure absolute compliance, with trust and explainability built into your AI models from the ground up.


Hyperscience is a leading enterprise data automation platform with intelligent document processing, machine learning algorithms, and endless opportunities for transforming mission-critical processes. Setting itself apart from other intelligent automation solutions in the modern landscape, Hyperscience promises a human-centric approach to automation.

With Hyperscience, companies from various industries, including those in the public sector, healthcare, or life sciences, can automate all kinds of data management and contract lifecycles. You can classify, and extract data across various different documents and leverage proprietary machine learning tools to make data organization easier. 

Automation Anywhere

Named a market quadrant leader by Gartner for Robotic Process Automation, and widely regarded the number one customer choice for RPA implementations, Automation Anywhere is bringing the power of automation to every business. The company’s state-of-the-art platform is designed to suit businesses of any size, in any industry, from the healthcare landscape to telecoms and banking.

Automation Anywhere offers companies a range of ways to begin their digital transformation project, starting with an RPA assessment which helps to define where you currently are on your intelligent automation journey, and what you can do to drive the best results as quickly as possible.

Accounting and financial management can be among the most complicated aspects of running a business. Fortunately, has the solution. With intelligent automation built into a unique solution for accounting, can help companies to become more efficient in the way they manage cash flow. You can use statistical analysis and AI automatically to gather real-time insights, benchmark data, and find solutions for cost optimizations. also collects data automatically from multiple points in the accounting journey to give you a better range of financial predictions. If you want a more streamlined and intelligent approach to accounting, has you covered. brings intelligent automation to the worlds of security and compliance. Trusted by the likes of Gartner and Mastercard, offers an all-in-one, customizable toolkit that companies can adapt and expand to suit their changing business. The solution allows companies to automatically authenticate all kinds of applications with AI algorithms or stay ahead of fraudsters with real-time transaction monitoring. also offers a range of additional AI-powered automations to make companies more secure, like login AI tracking and Account AI support. With tools to intelligently track potential threats across the entire business ecosystem, you can take your privacy and compliance standards to the next level.


One of the latest market leaders in intelligent automation technology, Kofax offers a range of smart ways for business leaders to digitally transform. Perhaps the most exciting offering from Kofax right now is the intelligent automation platform. According to Kofax, the platform is the only low-code, integrated, and end-to-end solution for intelligent automation. 

The Kofax platform offers everything from intelligent integration between modern and legacy systems to process orchestration, and document intelligence. You can even apply cognitive capture and artificial intelligence components to unstructured data to automate the extraction of data from a range of environments.


Created to help companies transform documents into structured data, Parascript is an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) offering. The enterprise solution captures all kinds of documents and data from any source, to streamline access to critical information. With Parascript intelligent automation, you can eliminate the headaches of manual data entry almost immediately. 

Parascript’s proven software currently analyses more than 100 billion documents annually. Clients include everyone from service providers to original equipment manufacturers, and business process outsources around the world. The solution, powered by machine learning, can also consistently improve, and adapt over time. 


One of the world’s leading platforms for risk discovery in the digital world, Mindbridge is an award-winning solution for companies who need to put compliance and security first. With the Mindbridge intelligent ecosystem companies can access a clever alternative to old-fashioned risk analysis. Mindbridge builds intelligent automation into everything they offer, with not just one method or algorithm, but many combined tools. 

With Mindbridge, companies get to leverage insights from various intelligent algorithms to produce a more holistic and detailed risk assessment. In total, you’ll have 28 intelligent capabilities working together to produce results you couldn’t achieve running each technology separately.


Another excellent pick for contract lifecycle management, ContractPodAI is a market leader at boosting the efficiency and performance of in-house teams. With this state-of-the-art technology, companies can access an all-in-one legal platform for managing contracts and critical documents. 

Trusted by the likes of AIG and Zest, ContractPodAI helps business leaders to create quickly and easily search, and management agreements of any type, automating and streamlining the lifecycle of modern contracts. The technology can also help with processes like data privacy reviews and RFP reviews, depending on your organisational needs.


Legalsifter is a dedicated solution for contract management in today’s rapidly-evolving digital world. The solution uses “combined intelligence” to make contracts easier. Combined intelligence solutions connect human expertise with artificial intelligence to automate various aspects of dealing with contracts. 

Users can access a range of products from Legalsifter, such as an automated AI contract review solution which sorts through contracts details on the behalf of teams. There’s also access to AI solutions business leaders can build into their existing technology, to deal with various things like processing contracts and documents as rapidly as possible.