Top 10 Enterprise Video Streaming Platforms

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Top 10 enterprise video streaming solutions

The uptake of enterprise video streaming solutions has always been on an upward incline. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated its adoption so much that it’s commonplace across most businesses today.

Now, companies are using video for day-to-day communication, allowing for better collaboration experiences, and for more contextual moments with colleagues. As well as this, enterprise video in the form of webinars live online events is on the rise. In turn, the industry is set to be worth around $40.84 billion by 2022.

Top 10 Enterprise Video Streaming Platforms

If you think that it’s about time you discovered the benefits of enterprise video streaming for yourself, then you’re going to need the right platform to get you started.

We’ve done the hard work for you by tracking down the top contenders spearheading the enterprise video industry.

IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video, a platform previously known as UStream offers video hosting and streaming services, as well as other excellent enterprise services for businesses that want to take advantage of video. Streaming is supported up to 720pp resolution on low-level plans, or you can upgrade to full HD streaming if you prefer.

There’s a mobile-compatible player for your videos, custom branding with white labelling for your business, and access to IBM’s internal CDN too. Depending on the plan that you choose, there’s also an API available too.


Even if you haven’t done a lot of research into video streaming before, you’ve probably heard of Vimeo. It’s one of the most popular tools on the market for a reason. With Vimeo, you can transform your video content into exciting streams with things like unique filters and styles, custom text and eye-catching graphics.

If you’re looking for a way to update your video streams so that they’re more reminiscent of the brand image that you’re trying to create elsewhere online, then Vimeo can help with that. You can also use the same software to market your videos and track their progress with in-depth metrics.dr


The Kaltura online hosting platform targets large institutions with tools like educational video streaming, enterprise webinar support, and more. The best thing about this tool is the Kaltura Management Console, which offers solutions to create, upload, manage, and edit live and on-demand video to your viewers.

With Kaltura, you can unlock video API technology to build streaming into your own apps, as well as support for live streaming and video on-demand hosting. There’s also live transcoding and various video marketing tools to enjoy too.


Muvi is a streaming service that centres around OTT media companies. The brand aims to deliver a turnkey solution to broadcasters and streamers. If you need help getting video on demand up and running quickly for your business, then Muvi can help with that. This company offers an HTML5 all-device video player, white-label custom branding, and various in-depth monetisation options.

Support is available within Muvi for video and audio streaming, including dashboard management for organising your content. There’s also 24/7 customer assistance available if you have any questions on how to use your new tools.


Panopto is one of the leading video live streaming solutions, designed to support institutional and educational customers alike. This solution delivers an internal YouTube-like experience for business training and professional streaming. There’s also a secure portal for management to control every aspect of their service and software for auto-archiving and live-streaming using webcams.

Keyword search is included to help you find information within your videos, and there are tools for API access so you can integrate your video service with your CMS or LMS. Panopto pricing is based on your individual needs too.


If your focus is on delivering quality above all else in your video content, then Brightcove is probably the company for you. With this amazing tool, you can tap into sensational HTML5 video. The next-generation technology on the Brightcove platform ensures that your videos look incredible. What’s more, there are social sharing buttons built in for easy promotion too.

Brightcove handles security brilliant for leading businesses, and there’s a support team that you can access if you need any answers to complicated questions. The fact that you can view detailed analytics on each of your videos is also a huge added bonus.


Wistia provides businesses with a video player and hosting platform to help integrate videos into your website in the most professional way possible. You can access video streaming at super-fast speeds, and you don’t have to worry about things like third-party ads disrupting your customers or sending them in the other direction.

If you’re struggling to get people to come and make the most of your videos, then Wistia can assist with that too. The tool allows users to capture email addresses and send retargeting messages based on their unique interests.


Vidyard is an all-in-one video streaming service that makes it quick and easy for businesses to create and share video on a host of platforms. You can add interactive calls to action into your videos, analyse the impact of your content with metrics, and more. On top of that, you can also split-test content to see how your videos are performing across different platforms.

Vidyard has proven itself to be a game-changing solution for many businesses because it provides access to video solutions while reducing manual efforts significantly. This means that companies can spend more of their time on what’s most important to growing their business.


Dacast is a B2B SaaS company providing ‘streaming as a service’. The platform offers a host of high-quality streaming services worldwide at a competitive price point. There’s content control built-in, API access for easy integration with existing systems, and support to scale your video delivery to hundreds or thousands of users at once.

Dacast stands out from the crowd for its affordable pricing, secure API, and reliable delivery offered in a range of different bitrates. The amount you spend on this service will depend on how much you need to stream/broadcast.


SproutVideo is an immersive, powerful, and highly reliable enterprise video tool, trusted by companies like Fender and FedEx. Designed to offer hosting to companies across the globe, the video tool allows you to stream everything from pre-recorded messages to live video. There are in-depth security and privacy controls to enhance your sharing experience, and you can also create your custom video playlists and video players too.

Specifically intended for enterprise customers, SproutVideo takes video streaming to the next level with marketing tools, in-built security, video websites, and metrics for viewer engagement too.