Top 10 Endpoint Detection and Response Software Tools for 2022


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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools are members of the endpoint security landscape rapidly gaining more attention in the evolving tech world. These tools are growing more popular in a time of remote and distributed work, aligning antivirus, endpoint management, and other critical security solutions to detect, analyse and respond to potential attacks. 

Providing a complete insight into a system’s overall health and status, EDR solutions can mitigate endpoint problems quickly, and prevent data loss, system failures and theft. The question for today’s brands is, which endpoint detection and response tools are best for their needs? 

Today, we’re looking at 10 of the top EDR tools on the market, chosen for their exceptional reputation, features, and capabilities.


Bitdefender EDR

Bitdefender is one of the better-known cybersecurity solutions in the market today, offering a huge range of tools for home, business, and partner networks. The EDR environment offered by Bitdefender provides extended threat detection, focused investigation, and rapid response solutions in one convenient package. 

With industry-leading detection to help track down all kinds of attack vectors, Bitdefender will help companies to detect issues quickly, and deliver targeted responses where they matter most. The maximum-efficiency, easy-to-deploy solution also provides exceptional cross-platform protection with streamlined reporting and alerting.


Cisco Secure Endpoint

Previously known as AMP for endpoints, Cisco Secure Endpoint delivers a reliable cloud-first antivirus and advanced threat detection solution for endpoint environments. Built by a market leader in the technology landscape, Cisco Secure Endpoint is built to put resiliency and performance first, reducing remediation times by up to 85%. 

With Cisco Secure Endpoint, you can implement entirely managed endpoint detection and response, integrated risk-based vulnerability management, and threat hunting. You’ll also have a comprehensive view of incident management, with comprehensive automated playbooks and streamlined solutions for rapid investigation and resolution.


Trend Micro Vision One

Trend Micro’s Vision One XDR solution goes beyond the basics in endpoint detection and resolution to help companies perform as safely as possible. With Trend Micro Vision One, you’ll have access to a comprehensive cybersecurity platform, where team leaders can unlock broad overviews of the entire technology stack. The technology has won significant recognition for its ease of use and performance from various market-leading publications.

With valuable security insights and assessments delivered through custom dashboards, TrendMicro has everything it takes to support your team. With TrendMicro Vision One, you’ll even be able to create priority lists of risk devices, unsanctioned cloud app usage, and more.


Falcon Insight

Created by the experts at Crowdstrike, Falcon Insight is a comprehensive endpoint detection and response solution for end-to-end business visibility. The all-in-one service offers cloud, endpoint, and threat intelligence solutions via a single interface, as well as break response services too. The powerful tool promises unparalleled visibility and breach protection, with phenomenal efficiency.

Your Falcon Insight environment will make it easy to accelerate the way teams handle security operations, minimizing the issues involved in dealing with common attacks. Falcon Insight even comes with raw event recording, threat hunting, and other tools to show you the bigger picture when you’re working on your team’s security standing.


Cortex XDR

Delivering sensational extended threat detection and response from the Palo Alto Networks company, Cortex XDR is a high-quality endpoint detection and response tool. This software solution promises end-to-end visibility into your business assets, so you can accurately identify threats wherever they are with patented behavioral analytics for improved insights. You can block advanced malware exploits and file-less attacks, and even implement investigations in seconds.

Cortex is designed to be as fast and convenient as possible, so business leaders can easily detect when anomalies or threats are putting their team at risk. You’ll have no trouble viewing the root cause of problems with a couple of clicks, and you’ll be able to see the security standing of your entire business at a glance.


Cynet 360

One of the top-rated providers of automated security solutions on the market, Cynet offers a range of tools for the Endpoint detection and response marketplace. Otherwise known as the AutoXDR platform, Cynet 360 takes a modern approach to cybersecurity with a powerful range of threat detection and intelligence tools built into an easy-to-use ecosystem. 

With Cynet, companies get an all-in-one environment where they can see everything, they need to know about the attack vectors in their environment. You can collect information from every environment in your network, and automate end-to-end responses to threats. There’s also 24/7 complementary oversight and guidance available.


FireEye Endpoint Security

Fireeye Endpoint Security provides a convenient way for business leaders to ensure they’re monitoring the essential performance of every desktop, server, laptop, and other critical endpoint. With Endpoint Security, you get a full multi-engine environment packed into a single modular agent. Employees can easily block common malware with a signature-focused engine, and stop more advanced threats with machine learning capabilities. 

There’s access to tools for halting application endpoints, and protection from new threat vectors with the FireEye Endpoint security modules. Real-time forensics investigations even ensure you can get into the details behind every potential security issue.



Consolidating all of your vital security functions into one environment, SentinelOne designed “Singularity Complete” to provide enterprise-grade detection, prevention, and response. This end-to-end ecosystem can hunt for threats and deal with common problems across a range of environments, including in the IoT and cloud landscapes. 

With Singularity Complete, you get an easy way to monitor all environments for threats in real-time, with continuous updates and intelligence. Admins can also configure their own automated remediation workflows, and determine exactly when specific figures should be scripted. The technology is surprisingly easy to use too.


Sophos Intercept X

One of the top-rated endpoint protection solutions in the world, Sophos Intercept X has earned a leadership position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, as well as mentions from a host of top publications. The powerful, yet intuitive solution combines a host of endpoint detection and response tools into one unified environment. Users can quickly scan systems for problems, and implement automations to keep threats to a minimum.

Deep learning AI technology is built into the tech to help detect both known and unknown malware signatures. You can also access a range of managed threat response options and synchronised security modules to take your business protection to the next level. 


VMWare Carbon Black

Created with advanced threat hunting and vulnerability monitoring tools, VMware Carbon Black EDR is an air-gapped approach to threat intelligence and response. With VMWare, companies can easily detect both known and unknown threats on every endpoint with quick identification of suspicious or unusual activity. What’s more, the solution constantly records new information to become more intelligent and efficient over time. 

As an added benefit, VMWare Carbon Black comes with powerful reporting and analytics tools which allow business leaders to access full timeline visualisations for attacks post-remediation, to help minimise the risk of similar issues happening again.