Onboarding new team members is one of the most critical processes for any business. It’s an opportunity to welcome new talent onto your team while providing all the information, resources, and guidance they need. 

A good onboarding strategy helps to make your new hires more productive fast. Onboarding solutions also make it easier to track and measure different parts of the onboarding experience. Unfortunately, however, only around 12% of staff members feel their company does a great job of onboarding.

Easy-to-use onboarding software could be the answer. It provides HR teams with the extra assistance they need to welcome all kinds of employees into the business, including remote and mobile staff. In fact, Glassdoor found that organisations with good onboarding solutions increase productivity by 70% and retention by 82%. So which are the best employee onboarding software solutions?


One of the leading tools on the market for onboarding, BambooHR packs powerful capabilities for onboarding behind a simple user interface. The software ensures that you can access powerful features like e-signatures, application tracking, and more. In turn, it allows you to focus on welcoming new talent into your team with all the support they need.  With BambooHR, an open API simplifies integrations with other leading tools, and custom workflows mean that you can give teams a head-start on productivity. You even get people analytics to track engagement and efficiency. 


Promising to revolutionise onboarding, Talmundo is one of the world’s leading enterprise companies. Companies using this service see an average of a 33% increase in engagement and an 82% increase in retention. Talmundo is easy to implement and use, with customisable employee roadmaps to help boost productivity.  You can create interactive to-do lists and quizzes to find out how your team members are doing. There’s also plenty of support for useful feedback and analytics, so you can track exactly what’s happening with your team. What's more, Talmundo shows you the difficult points in your onboarding cycle to remove friction and delight your candidates. 


An all-in-one product for HR, CakeHR is a solution that boasts incredible onboarding for all kinds of team members. You can create and automate onboarding tasks according to your preferred processes. Furthermore, CakeHR's smart reporting shows you how employees are moving along the path to productivity. This software also comes with plenty of features to track employee performance long-term. Your employees can use timesheets on the software to measure overtime, handle leave information and time off, and even access shift schedules. The onboarding tool also includes instant interactive reports and expenses information. 


Lessonly is a convenient online learning solution that helps team members accomplish more. This powerful offering makes it easier for teams to learn new skills, practice various activities, and much more. You can also create a host of courses and resources that will give your team members the confidence they need to serve your business.  Lessonly reduces onboarding time with an amazing experience that caters to your company. The software already has customers like McAfee, HelloFresh, and SalesLoft, among others. As your candidates grow more comfortable with your team, you’re free to continue using Lessonly to build their skills. 


Promising the ultimate tool for managing the employee lifecycle, CloudM supports you in welcoming new employees and dealing with leavers too. The simple software comes with an all-in-one environment where you can automate the addition of users to your technology stack. You can configure the system once to automate G-Suite and Microsoft 365 administration tasks. CloudM supports automated access to files, emails, contacts, and calendars. You can create emails automatically and assign hardware too. At the same time CloudM also has features for offboarding and removing team members from your system. 


Another excellent solution for onboarding employees, Zenefits provides onboarding and record-keeping support to help all kinds of startups, small businesses, and mid-sized companies. The Zenefits onboarding solutions come within the software’s HCM suite. The onboarding solution is also highly engaging, configurable, and easy to customise. Created to make managing people as simple as possible, Zenefits streamlines everything from welcoming new staff members to tracking paid time off. There’s also access to performance reviews, organisation charts, and more. 


WorkBright is a convenient mobile-first employee onboarding solution that helps to create a convenient and paperless procedure for onboarding. That’s ideal if you’re running a remote team. The onboarding service is the primary component of WorkBright’s software, and it enables new team members to submit details and documents through mobile devices.  WorkBright consistently collects data and information through secure channels so you can track everything you need for a successful HR process. You can also access automatic reminders to push your team members to take action fast. WorkBright even comes with an API solution so you can integrate the service with other tools, like payroll and benefits systems.   


One of the most user-friendly onboarding solutions available today, ClearCompany supports all kinds of mid-sized and small businesses. The solution covers all of the standard processes that you might expect, including recruiting, onboarding, and various forms of performance management. Each new hire also gets access to a personalised portal where they can access documents and business information.  Managers can easily keep track of the entire lifecycle for each employee through a convenient dashboard. Plus, you can adjust the software you get based on the number of users you have and the tools you use. 


Designed for bigger companies, Avature is an onboarding solution helps you to onboard hundreds of new team members at once. This convenient system integrates with social experience and productivity tools, as well as HR services and various other solutions. You can track electronic forms and e-signatures, as well as send out important handbooks and documents. Orientation workflows, task, and training management are all available too. Avature onboarding is also highly customisable, with various features embedded to help you support even the most diverse team, with remote and mobile workers too.   


Trello might not be advertised as an onboarding software, but it can be excellent for welcoming new team members all the same. This convenient tool comes with everything you need to easily assign tasks to your employees and track their performance. The solution comes with a special onboarding template that acts as an interactive to-do list when you’re giving tasks to your teams.  You can add due dates to the things that your staff members need to do and include all kinds of information and files on the assigned tasks. Once your team has the hang of Trello, you can continue to use it for project management too.