Top 10 Employee Benefits Platforms of 2022

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Keeping employees engaged and satisfied in the workplace is a crucial consideration for today’s business leaders. We’re currently facing the age of the “Great Resignation”, where countless professionals are leaving their roles in the post-pandemic era, searching for better recognition, support, or more flexible hours from their business leaders. 

Part of making sure you can attract and retain the right skilled professionals for your workforce, is making sure you offer the right collection of benefits. 

With an employee benefits platform, employers can unlock a valuable way of delighting their teams, attracting new talent, and even gamifying the workplace. These platforms make it easier to select and administer a host of benefits packages to your staff. 

So, which employee benefits platforms are best?

10. Fringe

Trusted by leading companies like Uber, Talkspace, and Cornerstone, Fringe is a leading tool for perk and benefits management in today’s business landscape. Fringe offers a host of benefit options which go beyond the standard physical and mental health options, including options for caregiver support, continued learning, financial learning, and recreation. 

Fringe sets itself apart from other employee benefits platforms by offering a selection of unique perks you won’t find anywhere else. There are even specialist packages for remote and hybrid working teams – ideal for the modern age of work. 

9. Everything Benefits

Created for all kinds of business leaders, the Everything Benefits platform makes managing the perks you offer your teams more convenient and straightforward. You can leverage everything from state-of-the-art automated health insurance enrolment, to paid time off tracking and more. The ecosystem comes with artificial intelligence built-in to help you thrive. 

Everything Benefits integrates with a selection of the top payroll, ERP, and HCM solutions. You’ll also have a host of more than 600 carriers the tech can communicate with. Companies can choose from a range of A La Carte solutions for benefits.

8. Sodexo 

Simple, and unified, the Sodexo employee engagement and benefits platform allows business leaders to choose from a variety of unique advantages and perks to offer their teams. Once you choose the benefits you want to sign your employees up for, you can allow them to track their access to various benefits in an all-in-one application for their smartphone. You can even brand the experience.

The Sodexo employee benefits platform focuses on customised solutions to suit your specific team, with specialist advisors on-hand to help you make the most of your ecosystem. You can offer everything from annual leave purchases to discounts and gym memberships in one convenient place.

7. Perkbox

One of the better-known solutions among employee benefits platforms today, Perkbox is a global rewards platform designed to engage and delight your staff. The Perkbox landscape makes it easy to provide your team with more than 1000 potentially perks to choose from, including custom deals and discounts specially suited to your team. 

You can implement strategies for employee wellbeing with Perkbox and set up gamification campaigns with recognition and rewards for your top-performing team members. Because Perkbox brings all of the benefits you’re offering your team into a single environment, it’s also much easier to keep track of your subscriptions.

6. BambooHR

Advertised as a “people-first” solution for human resources, BambooHR is one of the leading all-in-one SaaS solutions for HR. The technology provides a comprehensive environment where companies can track information about their people, create useful reports, and set schedules in one environment. At the same time, you also get a comprehensive compensation and benefits space. 

The benefits ecosystem makes it easy to set your company apart from the competition with plenty of supplementary data and analytics to show you exactly which campaigns have the longest-lasting impact on your employees. BambooHR is an excellent tool for any company looking to streamline their software systems in today’s employee experience focused landscape.

5. Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway offers access to a huge range of potential benefits for your team in one convenient ecosystem. You can choose from a wide selection of ways to engage your existing workforce and attract new talent, from offering discounts at your teams’ favourite retail destinations, to providing specific rewards when staff members accomplish their goals. 

The platform comes with a range of unique features, like salary sacrifice and flexible benefits your team members can choose for themselves. You’ll also have access to reporting tools and surveys to get your finger on the pulse of what actually drives team engagement.

4. Gusto

A leading solution for payroll, benefits, and HR in one package, Gusto makes it easier for evolving companies to manage their teams. The solution has won awards for best payroll technology from market-leading publications like NerdWallet and offers a wonderfully easy-to-use environment for business leaders. 

Within the Gusto ecosystem, you can keep track of full-service payroll information, time and attendance tracking for your remote workers, and hiring and onboarding strategies. There’s also a complete employee benefits section where you can compare various health, insurance, and financial benefits for your team. The user-friendly platform even provides a support system of HR professionals to help answer your questions. 

3. Zenefits

Zenefits is a comprehensive business operations tool which helps business leaders to streamline all aspects of interacting with their teams. The all-in-one HR ecosystem can help with onboarding, tracking benefits, payroll management, and paid time off, all in one easy-to-use environment. Zenefits even keeps track of important information about your team members for your HR team. 

With Zenefits, you can choose the kind of benefits you want to offer to your employees with simple online application forms and plan comparisons. You’ll also be able to give your team members more freedom to select their own benefit options if you want to make the employee experience more customizable. 

2. Benify

A popular employee benefits platform for companies hoping to build deeper connections with their employees, Benify ensures your team members can always keep track of what they’re earning with your business. The Benify platform comes with a smartphone application where team members can track things like benefits, salary, insurance, vacation time, and special rewards.

Like many leading tools, Benify also comes with communication technology built-in, so you can ensure you’re keeping track of any issues your teams might have with their salary and benefits in one place. You can even set up automatic reminders for your business leaders to deal with any issues which might be impacting employee satisfaction.

1. Caboodle

A user-friendly and responsive solution to employee benefits in the digital age, Caboodle offers an all-in-one ecosystem where companies can track the host of “extras” they give their teams. Not only do you get an all-in-one environment for tracking rewards and benefits, but your employees can also keep an eye on which benefits and awards they’re eligible for each month. 

The Caboodle technology comes with built-in communications tools, so your team members can send questions about any benefits they might be interested in. You’ll also get a streamlined and simplified admin environment, where you can apply for benefits schemes in seconds. The technology is fully responsive, completely brandable, and integrates with a range of HR and payroll tools.