Top 10 DNS Server Providers of 2022

Published on
11/10/2022 09:32 AM

For companies concerned about their online security, an effective DNS server is a must-have investment. DNS servers, or “Domain Name Systems” translate the domain names you enter into a browser into the IP addresses required to visit a specific site. 

While DNS solutions do come packaged as standard into most internet services, they’re not always ideally suited to the security and speed needs of business leaders. A slow or unreliable DNS can quickly cause problems with online performance, alongside various security issues. 

Switching to another DNS server provider is an excellent way to leverage a host of benefits, such as automated blocking for infected websites, and content filtering. 


Amazon Route 53

Delivered by the experts at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Route 53 is a cost-effective and reliable DNS solution for business leaders. The highly scalable and available service rapidly connects user requests to internet applications running either on-premises or on AWS environments. The solution allows users to manage their network traffic globally, build more efficient applications, and set up private DNS environments too. 

Easy to use and straightforward, Amazon Route 53 allows companies to set up their DNS routing strategy in a matter of minutes, with straightforward visual traffic tools. Companies can also create custom routing policies to reduce latency and boost compliance. 



Currently a market leader in the DNS environment, Akamai has a proven track-record of delivering excellent results with high traffic volumes, while repelling common attacks. The company has a number of DNS options, including the “Edge DNS”, which aims to deliver faster availability of web apps and APIs for business leaders. 

Akamai Edge DNS hosts more than 2,000 DNS zones within the Edge environment, and offers users a Zone Apex mapping function to help with managing vanity URL redirection. Businesses using Akamai can benefit from non-stop DNS availability with a 100% uptime SLA. There’s also predictable zone-based billing for better budget management. 


Verisign Public DNS

Verisign, best known for it’s wide range of security offerings, has a public DNS environment designed to boost security for online users. The Recursive DNS system leverages extensive experience from the Verisign company to ensure users have access to absolute privacy and excellent compliance. Verisign also promises not to sell any public DNS data to third parties. 

With Verisign DNS, users get access to a highly secure and stable DNS environment, with built-in protection from a range of common security flaws. The DNS environment is free to use, and comes with access to a stronger defence perimeter for online browsing.


Oracle DNS Service

A leading tool from a well-known name in the digital and technology landscape, the Oracle DNS service allows users to create and manage their own custom DNS zones. Users can create bespoke zones, add records to certain zones, and use Oracle’s Infrastructure edge to handle a host of different DNS queries. There are multiple ways to access the DNS environment too. 

Users can access the DNS service using the Oracle Console DNS REST API from a supported browser. They can also set up administrators, and groups, which is ideal for businesses who want to give their employees access to different DNS settings based on security policies. There are also built-in monitoring capabilities for tracking the performance of the DNS environment.


Quad9 DNS

A relatively new addition to the DNS landscape, Quad9 is a free and easy-to-use system for replacing your default DNS services. The Quad9 solution comes with various built-in solutions for security and privacy. For instance, the service will block malicious host names from a constantly updated list of threats, and keep you informed about potential spyware issues. 

For speed and redundancy, Quad9 has a lot to offer too. Queries are managed rapidly, and Quad9 is committed to keeping your data private. When using this service, companies can rest assured nod ata containing their IP address will ever be logged by the system. The whole platform has also been designed for GDPR compliance.


Google Public DNS

One of the better-known free access DNS solutions for business leaders and individual users, Google Public DNS is an effective and simple replacement for built-in ISP solutions. The service comes with an accelerated browsing experience and enhanced security for everyday browsers. What’s more, there are permanent logs to track DNS issues which remove any personally identifiable information.

Google’s DNS is quick and reliable, and takes very little time to set up. For companies already using Google solutions for browsing and other cloud-based services, it makes sense to switch over to the Google DNS environment too. The redundancy offered here is fantastic.


Comodo Secure

Comodo Secure DNS is a free solution for internet gateway access, built to offer users a stronger browsing experience. The solution comes with a strong focus on safety, blocking various phishing sites, and warning users when they try to access sites with detected spyware and malware. There are also warnings for sites which have a large amount of advertising. 

Comodo Secure DNS can also be integrated with the Comodo Dome Shield Service, which comes with extra security benefits and settings. The technology comes with on and off-network enforcement features, threat intelligence, and easy access for enterprise deployment in minutes. There’s also an intelligent system to automatically forward users to the right location when they try to visit a domain that isn’t in use.



Now owned by the telecommunication experts at Cisco, OpenDNS is one of the biggest providers of public DNS services on the market. The free service comes with a lot of great benefits to explore, including a guaranteed 100% uptime, and default blocking for phishing sites. There are also optional web filtering controls to block access to certain content types. 

Commercial plans available specifically for business users allow companies to access a comprehensive view of their internet history for the last year. Additionally, organisations can lock down their system and provide access to only specific websites.



Best known for its state-of-the-art CDN services, Cloudflare also has a fantastic public DNS service, often rated as one of the best on the market. The solution comes with a lot of advantages, including exceptional speed and performance. Cloudflare also takes privacy seriously, promising not to hold onto browser data to serve users specific ads. What’s more, no IP address information is ever committed to disk, and logs are deleted within 24 hours. 

The Cloudflare DNS also retains KPMG to audit its security and privacy services annually, with regular reports to demonstrate just how safe the system is. With an easy-to-access setup process, users can start upgrading their browsing experience instantly.



Currently ranked among the fastest DNS servers in the world, G-Core is the go-to choice for companies who prioritise speed and performance. The company has dedicated DNS servers in 60 cities across the globe, to ensure people can access a fantastic Edge-level service. What’s more, G-Core has a much faster response time than most of the top DNS providers out there. 

With G-Core, companies also gain access to unique bonus features, like GeoDNS which allows different IP addresses to be delivered based on a user’s location. This means websites with a geographically wide set of visitors can segment traffic however they choose.