Top 10 Deception Technology Software Options


Published on
29/09/2020 09:58 AM

To fend off cybercriminals, you sometimes need to think like one. Businesses today can take advantage of deception technology to create decoys, honeypots, and traps to catch out malicious actors and enable earlier detection of attacks. In turn, companies can bait criminals into showing themselves so that security teams can quickly remove and wipe any unwanted threats. 

If you're looking to get started with deception technology, here are our top 10 favourite offerings to hit the ground running with.

Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks is a leader in the deception technology landscape. Committed to improving asset protection throughout your entire company, Attivo can help with everything from endpoint defence to critical infrastructure protection. 

In particular, their offering makes it easier for companies to pinpoint potential issues quickly, reducing the risk of, for example, modification of source codes and theft of intellectual property. Through immersive deception-based threat detection techniques, organisations can increase the speed at which IT teams can uncover potential issues and discover the meaning behind an attacker’s intent.

Illusive Networks

Illusive Networks prevents attack movement throughout your entire business operations. You can use in-depth technology within the Illusive Network portfolio to pinpoint potential risks and discover threats before they harm your business operations. Early detection tools force criminals to reveal themselves before the problem goes too far.

One thing that makes Illusive Networks so appealing is that the technology is so easy to use. The team promises quick and simple provisioning, no matter which industry you’re in. You can also spread deception components through your entire network to create an inescapable maze.


Rapid7 believes that deploying intruder traps throughout your organisation is crucial to protect yourself fully against potential attacks. Monitoring solutions for analysing log files leaves traces of the attacker behind in some cases, which could mean that you end up with further vulnerabilities later on. Rapid7’s extensive knowledge of criminal behaviour makes it easy to protect your team.

With Rapid7 InsightIDR, you can unlock endpoint and UBA detection tools, as well as simple intruder traps, honeypots, and other elements all carefully crafted to determine where attackers are in the earliest stages of the attack chain. 


Through the innovative DeceptionGrid, TrapX protects valuable assets against a variety of potential attacks, including cybercriminals and dangerous insiders. CISO’s looking for a targeted attack solution to cover large environments can rely on TrapX. In fact, the DeceptionGrid technology emerged as the best Deception Technology of 2018. 

The unique TrapX software deploys a minefield of shifting decoys and caption tokens that seem identical to IoT and IT assets in a company’s network. The solution also comes with actionable intelligence, so you can accelerate a return to normal operations, without compromising on future security measures. 


CounterCraft is an automated cyber detection technology that helps users to detect attacks first – even before a breach takes place. With this convenient technology, companies can collect real-time intelligence on threats and proactively protect the organisation from further issues. CounterCraft is also unique in the range of deception tools it has to offer. 

Companies can choose to access the threat deception platform for high-performance alerts and threat intelligence. They can also take advantage of CounterCraft's Threat-Intelligence-as-a-Service option. This tool allows companies to identify cyber threats before they attack online assets, web-facing servers, and even remote workers.


Custom-tailored and highly advanced deception technology from CYBERTRAP makes it easier to take control of attacks and stay one step ahead of the criminals. With a free demo available for beginners, CYBERTRAP promises to help companies from all industries with their specific needs, such as health institutions that have certain requirements regarding privacy and security. 

The CYBERTRAP technology comes with a proprietary embedded mechanism that tracks hackers without making them aware. There are also advanced mechanisms built in to help you reveal attacker details, techniques, and goals.


Another top performer in the security and privacy market, Cynet lures attackers into the light and gets them to reveal their presence. Cynet deception technology plants a variety of advanced decoys around the environment to pull attackers out of their hiding spots. The Cynet team promises no false positives, as well as a consistent live overview of malicious threats.

Through Cynet, business leaders can deceive potential attackers with decoy files and passwords, honeypots, and other false credentials and network connections. In each instance, the consumption of the information triggers an alert so that companies can access more information about the attack. 

Fidelis Security

Fidelis Security offers award-winning deception technology to support companies that need an active solution for detecting post-breach attacks. Going beyond tools like legacy decoys and traditional honeypots, Fidelis Deception automatically discovers and classifies network assets, including shadow IT components and IoT devices. 

The company can create breadcrumbs and decoys for immediate outcomes, and often requires minimal time and resources to generate results. Another benefit of Fidelis is that it can adapt to changes in cloud and on-premise environments. You’ll also be able to detect intruders and malware moving throughout the network laterally. 


The Minerva anti-evasion platform addresses a wide selection of attack scenarios, including multiple modules that reinforce a stronger strategy for protection against unknown threats. All modules share the support of a comprehensive technology layer called Minerva VR. The anti-evasion platform is patented and comes with a host of features.

The full kit of tools from Minerva includes endpoint malware vaccination, critical asset protection, ransomware protection, malicious document prevention, and memory injection prevention. You can also simulate hostile environments. 



Promising to disrupt attackers in their tracks, PacketViper deception technology provides agentless deception support with software-based decoys and believable cyberattack responses. PacketViper offers point-and-click simplicity with baits that you can rotate according to a range of elements, including time, business, network, and country. 

PacketViper works both as an internal solution and as a tool that works at the perimeter, creating transparency that you can act upon according to your business needs. The fully PacketViper Deception360 kit provides you with in-depth insight into deception attacks from all directions. In fact, PacketViper is the only tool combining internal deception and perimeter deception technology.