Top 10 DDoS Protection Vendors for 2022


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Importance of DDOS Mitigation Services

DDoS protection services are growing increasingly important in the modern age of digital transformation. As companies move more of their processes into the online world, criminals everywhere seem to be doubling-down on cyberattacks. The first quarter of 2022 introduced a massive spike in DDoS attacks at an application layer, and network-layer attacks remain high.

Top 10 DDOS Protection Solutions

DDoS mitigation providers offer companies and individual users access to extra protection against DDoS threats. With the right technology, you can stay one step ahead of the criminals, and ensure your data, customers, and business remain secure. So which DDOS protection vendors are the most impressive?


Offering “360-degree” DDoS protection, NexusGuard promises companies an easy way to protect their teams, and maintain uninterrupted network connectivity. The solution comes with access to a multi-layered scrubbing cloud, granular visibility, and control for multi-tenant environments, and a robust 24x7 security operations centre.

Users of NexusGuard can expect to unlock all kinds of high-level protections, including web application firewalls, DNS protection, and application protection. There’s also a range of automation features included, so you can immediately designate how you want your security system to respond to the threat of DDoS attacks.


Akamai empowers companies to boost their resilience against a range of complex DDoS threats with a multi-layer approach to defence. Companies can access more than 200+ Tbps of network capacity and 100% platform availability, as well as three purpose-built clouds for targeted security. There’s an API and app protection capability built-in, as well as a web application protector.

Akamai’s end-to-end approach to DDoS protection also includes on Edge DNS, and can be deployed in a range of different environments, to suit all kinds of business needs. The behind-the-scenes insights will also make it easier to track where your most common attacks are coming from, so you can ensure better long-term protections.


With the option to choose between on-premises, cloud-based or hybrid DDoS protection, Neustar has something to offer all kinds of business leaders. The Neustar security services will provide always-on monitoring and protection for your applications and networks, as well as a behind-the-scenes view of the key metrics from your attacks.

The ultra-secure environment is backed by over 15 years of experience, and comes with a range of advanced features to help you customise your environment. You’ll also be able to access dedicated specialist services from professionals ready to help you upgrade your security standing.

Project Shield

Created by Google, Project Shield is a free service designed to defend a range of specific sites from DDoS attacks. If you’re running a news, human rights, or election monitoring campaign, Project Shield can offer you comprehensive protection, powered by Google Cloud, Jigsaw, and Google Cloud Armour. However, not everyone can apply.

The Project Shield solution provides unlimited protection against advanced attacks, with customisable caching functionality, and custom defences you can adjust to suit your needs. You’ll also have full access to a range of under-the-hood real-time metrics.

AWS Shield

Provided by the experts at Amazon Web Services, AWS Shield is a robust managed Distributed Denial of Service protection solution, designed to safeguard applications running on AWS. The ecosystem offers always-on protection, automatic inline mitigations to reduce downtime, and powerful analytics too.

The standard version of AWS Shield is available for free, while higher layers of protection come at a premium. You can access 24x7 access to the AWS Shield Response Team with the premium package, as well as real-time visibility into attacks, and a comprehensive web application firewall.

Microsoft Azure

Like most leading cloud technology providers, Microsoft offers it’s own dedicated DDoS protection solution for Azure customers. The DDoS Protection Standard package comes with native platform integration for Azure, simplified turnkey protections, and always-on traffic monitoring, so you have complete peace of mind.

Adaptive tuning features are included to help Azure learn your traffic patterns over time, and you can access extensive multi-layer protection too. One of the biggest benefits of Azure’s solution are the metrics you can access to provide easy insights into potential attacks. You’ll also be able to configure Azure to alert you when attack issues emerge.


Easy to access and reliable, Imperva’s DDoS protection secures all assets at the edge, for reliable, and uninterrupted business operations. According to Imperva, you can use their service to ensure business continuity, minimize downtime, and guarantee uptime, with no performance impact. You’ll even have unlimited protection against attacks of any duration or size.

Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave for DDoS mitigation solutions in 2021, Imperva can help all kinds of businesses access the right defences against any attack. There’s website protection, network protection, individual IP defence, and DNS security too.


The NetScout team has been offering DDoS protection and visibility solutions since 1999. The Arbor DDoS environment provides a comprehensive list of tools for cyber threat protection, network visibility, industry-leading threat intelligence and more. You can even access hybrid DDoS protection in the cloud, or on-premises.

The layered, automated, and multi-layer defence options provided by NetScout have quickly made it into a leader in the DDoS world. The company even has access to a range of proprietary tools to make threat detection more effective, including the “ATLAS” Active Threat Level Analysis system. Plus, there are experts available from the team to help you if you need extra guidance.


Multi-layered DDoS protection and security solutions from G-Core provide companies with smart protection of sites and applications against modern and advanced DDoS attacks and bots.

The G-Core solution is based on a unique real-time intelligent traffic filtering technology that combines the analysis of statistical, signature, technical and behavioral factors. At the time of a DDoS attack, the G-Core service doesn’t block IP addresses, it cut off just specific harmful sessions.

It provides effective protection against L3, L4 and L7 attacks, including low-frequency. The cloud platform consists of our own traffic filtering centers in Europe, North America, South America, Asia & Australia. Each node processes at least 160 Gbps of active traffic. This makes the total effective filtering bandwidth more than 1.5 Tbps.

G-Core solution protects the website or client API from parsing, slow work, account hacking, ad fraud, content theft and any other malicious bot activities.


Cloudflare DDoS protection and mitigation services represent some of the most popular and powerful security services on the market today. Ranked a “Leader” in the GigaOm Radar for DDoS protection, Cloudflare can secure websites, applications, and networks, while ensuring the performance of legitimate traffic remains strong.

As an industry leader in its field, Cloudflare provides companies with an extremely reliable infrastructure, build for web applications, standard applications, and comprehensive networks. You can block DDoS attacks of any size or kind with services accessible across 100 countries. There are powerful analytics available too, so you can see where attacks are coming from.