Top 10 Corporate Wellness Platforms for 2022


Published on
30/05/2022 09:24 AM

Demand for greater levels of empathy and support from business leaders is on the rise, particularly since the events of the pandemic. Increasingly, companies are realising how important it is to protect the health and wellbeing of their staff, to ensure long-term productivity, and engagement.

Already, approximately 67% of employees are experiencing moderate to high levels of stress across the board, while anxiety and depression levels are also on the rise. Not only can these issues with wellness increase your chances of team members spending more time away from work due to health issues, but they can also lead to higher talent turnover.

Corporate wellness platforms offer an excellent way for business leaders to monitor and improve the overall wellness of their team members. Today, we’re going to look at just some of the most popular wellness platforms now available for 2022.



Designed to support mental health in today’s complex working environments, Unmind is the wellbeing solution of choice for leading companies like Asos and Uber. The application is a workplace wellbeing platform where employees can actively measure and understand their own wellbeing, as well as accessing tools to improve good wellness.

With Unmind, your team members can track how different tasks and experiences influence their mental health, and unlock tools which make it easier to access the right assistance at the correct time. Business leaders can also develop customised campaigns to bring teams together in the pursuit of good mental health.



Burnalong is a comprehensive employee wellness platform with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and flexibility. Trusted by employers all over the world, Burnalong comes with access to a host of useful content and resources team members can access to improve their experiences in the working environment. There’s speciality content, personalised support options, and even access to tips and guidance on financial wellbeing. 

Burnalong comes with tons of existing content for businesses to leverage, and provides leaders with the opportunity to upload their own content for additional value. What’s more, team members can access the solution anywhere.


Wellness 360

Another market leader designed to help companies build a culture of workplace wellbeing, Wellness360 transforms the way business leaders think about wellness. You can use this ecosystem to build custom white label online environments for your team members, with a platform that scales according to the needs of your company. 

The Wellness 360 ecosystem comes with access to a highly scalable platform configuration, a range of healthy habits wellness programs to choose from, and built-in challenges and gamification tools. You’ll also have access to a range of reporting tools so you can more easily track the impact of your new wellness campaigns on your teams.

Headspace for Work

Building on the popularity of the incredible mental health app, Headspace for Work supports businesses trying to cultivate happier and healthier people. Headspace for work is specially tailored for the modern workplace, and supports companies like Hello Fresh and Adobe in developing state-of-the-art strategies for mental health management.

With this tool, employees gain access to an application where they can find hundreds of exercises and meditations to assist with everything from focus to stress. You can keep teams engaged with community meditations, and easily track the impact of the program with reporting too.



Wellable is another of the most popular corporate wellness tools available on the market today. For years now, this solution has been delivering holistic tools to employees and employers trying to boost overall wellness in the business environment. Wellable provides access to a fully connected wellness platform, where users can track and access dedicated health content and on-demand classes.

There are wellness services built-in, such as virtual counselling options, so you can support your team members with direct access to experts. You’ll also be able to set up a dedicated wellness savings account for your team members.



Providing a mobile-first solution to wellness for today’s distributed teams, Limeade makes it simple to improve wellbeing, inclusion, and engagement in the workplace. With Limeade, companies can finally get an insight into the heartbeat of their company, with science-based polls, quizzes, and surveys, delivered on a regular basis. 

Limeade provides real-time insights into the health of your employees, and ensures business leaders can see issues which might be responsible for burnout and turnover as quickly as possible. Limeade also makes it quick and easy to reach employees anywhere, with access to a range of tools for mobile access and app support.


Virgin Pulse

Created by the experts at Virgin, Virgin Pulse is a state-of-the-art wellbeing and health tracking platform for business leaders. One of the most popular solutions worldwide, the technology makes it quick and easy for team leaders to keep their fingers on the pulse of their employees’ wellbeing. 

With Virgin pulse, 25% of the Global Fortune 500 and companies across more than 190 countries are supporting their team members in ensuring long-term wellness. The application comes with tools for tracking information about benefits, as well as solutions to help team members work on boosting their productivity levels. The end-to-end solution also fosters an empowering cultural experience too.



Perfectly suited to companies looking to update their wellbeing strategy at a time when company culture is being rewritten, Woliba is a forward-thinking employee wellness platform, brimming with useful resources and social experiences designed to keep people connected. Woliba has established itself as a leader in its field, great for designing custom campaigns from scratch.

With Woliba, business leaders can design challenges which help to connect people virtually and increase engagement through gamification. There’s access to various educational tools and assessments for teaching team members new skills, and powerful social tools for connectivity between staff members too.


Sprout at Work

Sprout, or Sprout at Work, has been a popular tool for workplace wellness for some time now. Designed by a dedicated health technology company, Sprout helps companies to embrace wellbeing from multiple angles, looking at physical and mental health. 

With Sprout at Work, you can build custom experiences for your teams, designing gamified goals, rewards and incentives, and a comprehensive content learning library. Sprout at Work supports wearable device integrations, leader boards for gamifications, custom events, and challenges. You can also set up rewards and incentives.



Created by a tech company committed to helping organizations create health and happiness in employees, Navigate is a market leader in wellbeing solutions. The platform builds all kinds of wellness and engagement concepts together, with a single environment where team members can connect, and business leaders can track important metrics.

Navigate makes life easier for business leaders too, ensuring they can consolidate all of the resources they use to support and empower their teams in one environment. You can even use gamification and competitions to further enhance team engagement.