Top 10 Bare Metal Server Providers of 2022

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What are Bare Metal Servers?

Otherwise known as managed dedicated servers or single-tenant physical servers, bare metal servers are a high-performance solution for companies in search of incredible server power.

Unlike virtualised servers, each bare metal server is a computer system dedicated to a single client. Companies can lease hardware from providers and use it however they like using Bare Metal Solutions, often without as many restrictions as they’d have with other servers.

Top 10 Bare Metal Server Providers

Bare metal servers are commonly used to address bespoke needs in the business landscape, thanks to their unique combination of flexibility and performance. These tools can be a core component of big data processing strategies, render farms, and more. So, which are the top bare metal cloud providers organisations should be aware of in 2023?


Promising companies complete control over their server environment, Vultr delivers high-performance bare metal servers with phenomenal reliability. Powered by NVIDIA GPUs and leading CPUs from Intel and AMD, these single-tenant dedicated servers offer consistent results to a range of companies, and even have an impressive 100% uptime SLA in place. 

One of the best things about Vultr is its ability to make accessing bare metal server technology simple. Straightforward and transparent pricing structures allow users to pay for their services by the hour, month, or year, depending on their needs. Most plans also come with an impressive 25GBs of bandwidth, for rapid uplink performance. There’s also a dedicated app marketplace where users can install tools like cPanel, Docker, and Gitlab straight to their server.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a well-known hosting provider with various server options for companies. The self-managed bare metal servers solution from InMotion offers unmetered bandwidths for all plans, as well as a 99.99% uptime. There are multiple OS options to choose from, and users can even decide to upload their own operating system if they prefer. 

Smart routing allows for phenomenal uptime protection, while a host of security features come built-in to protect you from a compliance standpoint. InMotion has a comprehensive security suite on offer which includes malware protection, SSL encryption, DDoS protection, and automatic backups. Managed services area also available for those who need help with the technical side of their server.


Ideal for companies hoping to get their bare metal environment up and running quickly, OVHCloud makes it quick and simple to host your website, deploy your infrastructure and customise your machine to suit any task. The OVHCloud company offers phenomenal 120-second delivery, and unlimited traffic on all of their server options. There are also no setup fees to worry about once you pay for a subscription to your server.

OVHCloud also ensures businesses can maintain service continuity with a secure, high-resilience network. There’s the option to integrate your servers with other solutions from the brand too, such as Hosted Private Cloud and Public Cloud solutions, to boost the scalability of your infrastructure. What’s more, there’s a control panel built-in for installing operating systems easily.


One of the most highly-rated providers of bare metal server hosting, Fasthosts promises sensational speed and reliability. You can access a range of dedicated resources on a flexible pay-as-you-go plan, plus, there’s a Hypervisor integration for virtualisation too. Your bare metal server comes with full root access, support for AMD and Intel CPUs, and up to 192GB of RAM, as well as 48TB of storage.

Fasthosts bare metal servers have their own load balancers to assist with potential traffic spikes, and unlimited bandwidth so you can tackle any change in your business. You can flex your usage according to your needs, share the load across multiple parts of your infrastructure, and access fantastic security in the form of ISO 27001-certified data centres.


Scaleway offers an interesting alternative to companies who are struggling to make the choice between the power of bare metal servers, and the flexibility of the cloud. The Elastic Metal ecosystem combines bare metal functionality with native integration into a comprehensive cloud ecosystem, so you can scale according to your own unique pace.

There are multiple plans available depending on your storage and performance needs, and flexible pricing structures ensure you can pay either by the hour, or by the month. Scaleway supports private networks, flexible IPs, API, CLI, and Terraform tools. The company also offers users a range of helpful tutorials and guides to get them started.


With more than 19 years of experience in the hosting landscape, Accuweb knows its way around servers. Users can choose from hundreds of different plans depending on their needs, including a range of fantastic bare metal server options. The dedicated hosting solution from Accuweb comes with access to a range of dedicated resources, and full control over your infrastructure.

You can choose between self-managed and fully-managed services, access Linux and Windows server options, and choose RAM options ranging from 8GB to 2TB. There are also various SATA, Enterprise, SSD and NVMe disk options on offer, and users have the freedom to choose between 10 specific data centre locations too. Some plans have unlimited bandwidth, and DDoS protection is available for peace of mind.


One of the world’s leading technology companies, IBM delivers phenomenal results with its 100% dedicated, single-tenant bare metal servers. You’ll gain full route access to all of your server’s resources, and you’ll be able to choose from more than 11 million configurations, to suit virtually every use case. IBM has also recently reduced the cost of their bare metal service prices, and ensures companies always have access to the latest technology, like next-gen NVIDIA GPUs.

You can rapidly launch your bare metal servers across a host of 60 data centers, and PoPs in 18 availability zones. There’s also a lot of flexibility baked into the services offered from IBM, as you can integrate with the partners and providers as you choice, however you like. You can configure and duplicate clusters of web hosting servers according to your needs, and even access managed and supported hosting solutions if necessary.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Bare Metal Servers are custom-built to provide customers with comprehensive visibility and control. These servers can scale up to 160 cores (the highest amount in the industry at present). They also offer up to 1PB of block storage, and 2TB of RAM to support complex applications and high bandwidth. Customers can even build entire cloud environments in the Oracle landscape and gain significant performance improvements over standard data centers.

Oracle’s Cloud environment also offers a suite of provisioning, migration, and management tools for companies already leveraging a range of Oracle applications. Plus, you can unlock Oracle Cloud Infrastructure monitoring tools to maintain more comprehensive visibility into your entire ecosystem from one single location.

G-Core Labs

With an easy-to-use interface, G-Core labs ensures companies can easily monitor and control their infrastructure in the bare metal landscape, without the need for technical expertise. You can integrate various tools via APIs, and automate your entire infrastructure management process using Terraform. G-Core also offers a range of 15 bare metal data centres to choose from across 6 continents.

The bare metal servers from G-Core labs promise unlimited access to computing resources, and protection against DDoS attacks as standard. You also get a 99.95% uptime guarantee, backed by financial rewards, and access to a fully responsive team if anything goes wrong. G-Core’s bare metal servers can also be used in conjunction with the company’s other hosting servers by companies building a more flexible cloud landscape.


The Amazon EC2 bare metal servers give companies direct access to the latest CPU and memory resources on the market. Recently, the company introduced a range of new bare metal instances, designed to support workloads which require immediate access to hardware feature sets, and apps which need to run in non-virtualized environments.

Amazon’s solutions allow customers to access bare metal instances for running applications which benefit from access to deep performance analysis tools. The tools are also fantastic for legacy workloads not supported by virtual environments, licensing-restricted critical applications, and more. Each instance from Amazon offers its own balance of compute, networking, and memory resources for different use cases and applications.