Top 10 Data Analytics Tools for 2022

Published on
21/02/2022 09:30 AM

Data is a crucial asset for any business, but only when you know how to leverage it. According to studies, around 59% of enterprises are using analytics in some capacity, and 49% of companies say that analytics helps them to make better decisions. 

Data analytics tools are resources designed to help companies access, correlate, and understand various streams of data. The right technology can help with everything from assessing the quality of data to making sure you can pinpoint potential trends within the numbers. 

As the demand for deeper data insights continues to grow, the number of data analytics tools available to companies is increasing too. Here are just some of the top data analytics options for 2022. 



A comprehensive data science platform, RapidMiner offers state-of-the-art data analytics and intelligence with RapidMiner Studio. The system comes pre-built with a visual workflow designer, to help you speed up and automate the creation of analytical models. You can also access algorithms and functions within this system to build your own predictive analytics sets. 

One of the more flexible tools in the data landscape, RapidMiner can collect to any data source, no matter where it is. You can also connect with new sources easily by collecting extensions from the RapidMiner marketplace, and re-use connections at any stage.



Year after year, Splunk remains one of the world’s most popular platforms for big data management, collection, and analytics. Built for the “age of data”, Splunk is available in a range of deployment versions, to help companies drive insights from large amounts of data, often taken from distributed environments. 

The Splunk environment is popular among businesses of all sizes, because it makes it easier to collect and act upon the value of big data generated by your security systems, business applications, technology infrastructure, and more. There’s even a free download or cloud-based trial available for beginners who want to discover what Splunk is capable of. 



Looker promises a convenient way to access crucial insights into your target audience, so you can drive better experiences for every customer. With modern Business Intelligence and analytics dashboards, you’ll have no problem providing the kind of trustworthy data teams need to make critical business decisions. 

Integrated with the power of the Google Cloud platform, Looker also helps you to build your own data-driven workflows, to rapidly enhance business growth. Looker’s multi-cloud environment can connect with a range of database environments, so there’s no limit to what you can discover.



With a unique, AI-driven approach to analytics, ThoughtSpot is all about making access to data more intelligent. You can access live real-time insights into your data stack, and use them to empower colleagues, customers, and partners. ThoughtSpot is available either as an application in its own right, or it can integrate into tools like Slack and Salesforce too. 

The biggest appeal of ThoughtSpot for most businesses is its simplicity. The company makes it easier for anyone to use AI and search functionality to find hidden insights in complex data ecosystems. You can even use the developer-friendly platform to build your own interactive data apps.



Describing itself as the modern solution for democratised business intelligence, Domo is an up-and-coming leader in the analytics market. The company simplifies the art of data analysis by helping everyone on your team to access more actionable information. You can build comprehensive apps with automated insights and embed analytics into the tools you already use. 

Domo has an extensible data fabric environment for easy integrations, as well as a fantastic set of self-service analytics options for people from all backgrounds. You can also enjoy the benefits of being able to collect and leverage data from a range of different popular environments and apps. 


SQream Technology

SQream Technology offers business leaders a “hybrid analytics platform” where you can get faster insights into your most crucial business data. Available in a range of different cloud environments, from AWS, to Azure, SQream Technology’s platform makes finding trends simple. 

Among the many appealing elements of SQream’s ecosystem is its speed. The company can offer unmatched cost-performance on 30TB, more than 4 times faster than competitors. The exceptional speed of the technology, plus the company’s dedication to ease of use means you can accelerate total time to insight on any data size.


Qlik Sense

Previously QlikView, Qlik Sense is a portfolio of data analytics products built specifically for the Qlik Associative Engine. The solution is a next-generation product for self-service data analytics. Promising one of the fastest ways to explore, understand, and analyse business data, Qlik Sense offers everything from quick and easy data loading to interactive smart visualizations.

The Qlik Sense SaaS solution is free for personal and business use, which might be why it’s earned recognition as an award-winning system. You’ll also have access to drag-and-drop dashboards with this tool, and data storytelling solutions for sharing insights.



One of the best-known names in data science and analytics, Tableau is an end-to-end approach to data analytics, which unlocks opportunities for companies all around the globe. Excelling in areas like self-service visual analytics and data management, Tableau allows companies to prep and understand data like never before, while sharing it with your team. 

This collaborative environment makes it easy to examine big data insights and ask new questions of the various sources of governed big data in your ecosystem. The visual analytics platform is making data more accessible to the masses. 



Extraordinarily easy data insights is the promise offered by Alteryx, and the company knows how to deliver. The solution delivers everything from convenient drag-and-drop data prep to data blending from multiple environments in minutes. You can pull in-depth insights from a range of different tools in no time, improving your time to insights drastically.

Alteryx is one of the few innovators on the market today also simplifying analytic process automation. The APA platform allows you to unify your data analytics, data science, and processes in one easy-to-use system.



Few companies in the technology landscape have the same impact as SAP. The company incorporates direct connectivity to various data sources with an unmatched knowledge of business processes and semantics, giving every user a phenomenal insightful experience. 

SAP’s approach to “unified data analytics solutions” are designed to help businesses from any background to turn raw data into meaningful and actionable insights. You can unify information from a host of different environments, perform in-depth quality testing, and use automated systems to collect value from your data in no time.