Top 10 SASE Companies for 2021

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Top SASE vendors

What Are SASE Solutions?

SASE, or Secure Access Service Edge, technology has been growing in popularity since Gartner introduced the concept in 2019. Since then, countless cybersecurity vendors have scrambled to offer comprehensive solutions for the emerging technology. SASE systems provide a fantastic security solution through WAN (wide area network) and network security functions to support the security needs of growing companies.

Today, the SASE market combines multiple disparate technologies and provides businesses with access to security systems in the scalable environment of the cloud. Through SASE, companies can address the ever-evolving needs they have for networking security, application, and device management. Learn more about the benefits of SASE.

Top SASE Vendors for 2023

Here are some of the best SASE vendors leading the way in the current market.

Cato Networks

Renowned as one of the world’s first SASE platforms, Cato Networks promises a security solution that companies can deploy quickly and efficiently. The Cato Cloud environment comes with cloud-native architecture to combine a global private backbone with SD-WAN, an entire network stack of security solutions, and seamless support for mobile devices and cloud resources.

The Cato Networks offering optimises network connectivity for SaaS and IaaS products with a single pass editing with packet routing and optimisation capabilities. The Cato system also comes with ZTNA identity authentication for access, as well as QoS and threat analytics.

Versa Networks

Offering an integrated suite of products built on the Versa OS, Versa SASE is available via cloud and on-premises deployments. The SASE solution combines security, networking, analytics, and SD-WAN, and is built to handle the most complex environments, offering flexibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes.

Versa SASE can adapt to suit all kinds of deployments, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid offerings. The reliable, enterprise-wide networking security combines with enhanced multi-cloud application performance, and advanced genuine multi-tenancy support. Sophisticated analytics are also available to drive stronger business decision making.


The Cloudflare One SASE solution is a unified product offering various security and network optimisation technologies in an aligned environment. The Cloudflare offering comes with a range of security features, including Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Brokerage, and more. Cloudflare’s SASE model supports hybrid, on-premises and cloud environments.

One part of the Cloudflare offering particularly worth mentioning is the Magic Transit component, which shields your network from network layer attacks and DDoS attacks. The solution also helps to accelerate legitimate traffic with the support of Cloudflare’s global network.


Offering modern architecture for the mobile and cloud-first environment, Zscaler provides a full Cloud Security Platform built for scalability and performance. This globally distributed offering means that users can access their applications quickly and effectively. Through pairing with hundreds of partners in major internet environments worldwide, the solution ensures optimal reliability and performance for all users.

The ZScaler solution promises to reduce IT complexity and costs with a simple to deploy and manage SASE offering. The infinitely scalable environment adapts to suit your business, and security is built into every element, for absolute peace of mind.


One of the market leaders in communication, cloud technology, and digital innovation, Cisco provides an expansive approach to SASE, designed to support modern companies. The SASE offering combines leading security and networking functionality on a single cloud-native environment to secure access wherever your applications and users are.

The Cisco solution delivers seamless connections to applications in any location, while giving you high-level control over customizable policies and security. Users can converge their solutions through an integrated, flexible approach which meets with cloud demands at scale.


A powerful SD-WAN structure with SWG, NSX, and CASB-based NFGW, in a service delivered across more than 100 global POPs. The VMware solution comes with ZTNA secure access, and a flexible environment capable of scaling to suit the agile needs of the current ecosystem.

The secure-access gateway supports RADIUS, passthrough, SecurID passcode, and 2FA tokens. A cloud-first environment and multi-cloud support also gives companies the freedom to build the environment most suitable for their needs. You can even access multitenant solutions.


Among the market leaders in SASE solutions, Fortinet provides consistent and high-level enterprise protection across every network edge. The FortiSASE product promises exceptional security through a cloud-based model, reducing common security gaps without harming workflow operations. Because every element is included in the same FortiOS deployment, the system is also fast and easy to deploy.

FortiSASE reduces company risk profiles and optimised hybrid performance among enterprise networks to secure and support users wherever they are. This leads to further consistent protection at every network edge.


Dynamic Edge Protection or DEP is the name for Forcepoint’s approach to SASE technology. The cloud-native security platform powers a range of security solutions, with extensive scalability, a wide range of security features, and risk-adaptive threat protection built-in. Behaviour-based automations can protect companies against all kinds of attacks.

The DEP offering is a comprehensive tool for businesses keen to deliver advanced network, web, and application access security as a cloud service. The solution combines multiple capabilities, ranging from intrusion prevention to firewalling, web content inspection, and network management.

Open Systems

Open Systems built its SASE solution to support companies on their quest for digital transformation. The cloud-based architecture supports hybrid environments, with co-managed operation opportunities and direct level 3 support. Security is built-in throughout the fabric of the service, and analytics are included to allow for better business decision making.

The Open Systems SASE offering provides businesses with the flexibility and speed they need to transform their technology in a dynamic environment, while freeing up crucial IT resources. The SASE solution converges security and network services to keep you future-ready at all times.

Palo Alto

The Palo Alto SASE solution is a combination of the CloudGenix SD-WAN offering and the Prisma Access security service from Palo Alto. The CloudGenix offering comes as a physical offering with various size deployments for branch offices and data centres. Features include ML analytics and automation for stronger performance and manageability.

The Prisma Access offering is a cloud-based service that includes various advanced features, including ZTNA, NGFW-as-a-service, SWG, and many other options. There’s also support for suspicious code sandboxing and DNS security.