Top 5 Financial Apps Launched During the Pandemic

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The pandemic has worked as a catalyst for app development in the last year or so. In fact, Daniel Burrus estimates that technology has advanced by between 5-10 years in the matter of a few months. One sector that has felt this change more than any is the financial sector, particularly those working to build financial apps. With most branches being closed for months at a time, it makes sense that companies and customers alike need to manage their finances virtually with the assistance of financial apps.

In this episode of Emerge5, we explore the top 5 financial apps that have launched during the pandemic and are likely going to grow exponentially as the year proceeds. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for daily educational content. 


Since its inception only one year ago, Amaiz has quickly risen through the ranks of the fintech industry. An all in one application, this nifty tool combines the features of accountancy software with online banking-like features, making all all automated. One of the best features of this app is its live support, making it incredibly accessible as you can resolve any problems you might face in the matter of minutes. It’s been a particular hit with the service industry who need to issue invoices and manage their finances while out and about.

For our exclusive interview with Matt Goddard, Head of Marketing and Acquisition Strategy at Amaiz, check out the video on our YouTube channel. It might even shed some lights on how to save your business money. 

Tommy's Tax

Financial apps are often costly, which is why this one is perfect for cutting back on costs, particularly if you’re a freelancer. This free app, that launched in April 2020, provides people with the opportunity to check if they’re owed tax quickly and easily. Simply by submitting your pay and tax info, the app does all the hard work. Securing over £3,000 tax refunds for those on PAYE and £2,800 for the self-employed, there’s a reason why this app already has over 20,000 downloads.


Making its mark as the UK's first socially distanced way to pay, Roqqett has been making a name for itself in the brief 5 months since its inception. Launched in October 2020, it is designed to restore consumer confidence in the ongoing pandemic, allowing customers to pay shops, friends and family from a safe 2metre distance using cloud-based technology. The FCA regulated open-banking technology app helps support high-street independent retailers by reducing 'middle-men' transaction fees and potentially saving business up to £3,000 a year.


Perfect for the consumer, this financial app is proving vital in the pandemic. Allowing you to receive cash back instantly after purchases, Upside is a massive timesaver. It can also be used both online and inshore, making it incredibly versatile. This nifty tool  is already saving people up to £1,250 a year. With Upside, there is no downside. 


For anyone that is environmentally conscious, Sugi is vital. Marking itself as the first and only app that lets users check the carbon impact of their investments, Sugi is using its impressive place in the market as a force for good. Users simply have to sign up and link their investment portfolios and will then receive personalised impact data on their portfolio. It will tell you the kg of carbon emissions per year and trees lost for each investment, as well as benchmarks and similar investments to compare with.