Top 10 Low-Code Development Platforms for 2021

Published on
12/04/2021 09:58 AM

Innovation is essential for businesses of all sizes today. In a time of constant transformation and digital development, companies need to be ready to adapt to new trends. Low-code and no-code development platforms ensure that business leaders don’t need to be experienced coders to stay ahead of the competition. 

With these intuitive platforms, companies can create software quickly and easily with minimal coding confusion. The result is a reduced need for coding expertise, less pressure on the IT team, and more agility in the business landscape. 

So, which low-code development platforms are the most compelling for today’s transformational companies? Here are just some of our top recommendations.


The low-code development platform from OutSystems removes the mystery and confusion associated with creating enterprise-level applications. With a clean and simple user interface, you can easily design applications that support a range of business use cases. The platform easily integrates with your existing systems and supports the development of APIs for more flexibility. 

With the OutSystems low-code solution, you can speed up time to value, reduce business backlogs, and ensure excellent user experience with templates already available to get you started. All that, and you don’t have to worry about compromising on security or reliability. SLAs and real-time monitoring are also available. 


One of the better-known low-code development platforms around, Appian was named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for low-code technology. Appian promises today’s businesses a simple environment where they can build apps fast, access new levels of digital transformation, and integrate new features with a range of existing tools. 

The Appian platform supports up to 20x faster development compared to standard coding, and you get a business process management platform as part of the deal. Great for companies that want to unlock the benefits of hyper automation and enterprise-level scalability, Appian has it all. This product even comes with DevSecOps security built in.

Zoho Creator

One of the most compelling names in business transformation and analytics, Zoho offers low-code app development through the Zoho Creator. This cross-platform app building solution helps businesses of all sizes to develop convenient mobile applications from scratch. You can build solutions on the web, then publish them instantly for Android and iOS devices. 

Already, Zoho Creator has more than 7 million users worldwide, and it’s been featured in the Gartner Magic Quadrant reports for low code application development. Zoho promises an exceptional security level, instant access to various development tools, and handy integrations to the tools and services you already use. 


Promising to revolutionise the software development space, Mendix offers a convenient and user-friendly environment where companies can transform ideas into fully featured tools. The low-code application development platform is one of the market leaders for creating rapidly designed and deployed enterprise-grade applications. 

Mendix stands out reduces the risk of IT silos in the workplace, supporting consistent collaboration and fantastic time to value. The visual model ensures that everyone can follow the development process, and business users will have a range of automation and extensibility capabilities too. Mendix is open, flexible, and ready to integrate with any cloud service, data source or system.

Oracle APEX

Oracle APEX is a robust low-code platform that’s fantastic at reducing the complexity of mobile app development for both developers and enterprises alike. Intended to help businesses solve everyday problems fast, the APEX offering can eliminate up to 98% of complex hand coding. You can use this technology to reduce errors, accelerate development, and minimise maintenance. 

APEX offers an intuitive developer experience with easy drag-and-drop page design and a graphical user interface. You can also enjoy the benefits of immediate results, without the need for complex multi-step deployment. If you want to reduce costs and improve agility for your team, Oracle APEX could be the perfect choice. 


Caspio is a pioneering platform for low-code development and a leader, according to the Forrester Wave Low-Code platform report in 2019 and 2020. Among the most highly rated low-code application development solutions on the market, Caspio promises a simple and effective environment for development, offering fantastic security, scalability, and reliability. 

Caspio supports more than 15,000 customers across 150 countries worldwide. Some of the organisations that already rely on this low-code platform include Ticketmaster, DHL, Yale University, Stanford University, and Intel. The Caspio company can even help companies embed their applications onto any portal, CMS, website, or intranet.


One of the most popular and user-friendly low-code platforms on the market, Quickbase is one of the world’s most universally used solutions. Designed to unite IT and business teams by allowing people without developer knowledge to work together safely and sustainably, Quickbase ensures that companies can accelerate their innovation at a massive scale.

The clean and simple platform makes it simple to track end-to-end process automation and collect data from various points throughout the business. There’s also plenty of knowledgebase articles to show you how tightly integrated capabilities work together in the platform. Supporting creative growth in your company has never been easier. 

ServiceNow Now Platform

Pioneers in the service and support landscape, ServiceNow has earned plenty of attention over the years for its intuitive solutions. Recently, the company achieved the position of “Leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise low-code platforms. The Now Platform allows companies to create powerful applications quickly, with proven frameworks for business data. 

You can design and implement purpose-built solutions for your app in seconds, pulling ready-made components like service portals, workspaces, and knowledge management tools. The App Engine process automation tool also makes it easy to automate workflows across the enterprise in a matter of minutes, so you can see results faster. 


Quixy believes that today’s competitive companies need to be able to develop and update their digital solutions at speed. The no-code Quixy platform was named in the Gartner Peer Insights “voice of the customer report” and ranks among the top B2B companies in its space. The cloud-based low-code platform empowers business users without any excess coding skills as they search for ways to automate processes and workflows. 

You can use Quixy to create enterprise-level applications with a convenient drag-and-drop design. Quixy supports the development of solutions up to ten times faster than traditional manual coding. There’s even a range of templates to choose from for things like project management, CRM, and service requests. 

VINYL by Zudy

A company committed to more flexibility and simplicity in the app creation world, Zudy has earned recognition from a range of industry publications. VINYL, the platform for app development with minimal code requirements, is a state-of-the-art solution for today’s companies. With VINYL, you can build stunning yet reliable applications from various data sources throughout your business. The VINYL environment aims to be intuitive enough for citizen developers, but powerful enough for full-stack developers too. 

A leader in no-code and low-code enterprise application forums, Zudy’s VINYL offering is easy to use and flexible. The end-to-end environment makes it easy to innovate across all areas of your enterprise.