Top 10 Data Quality Tools

Published on
06/12/2021 09:38 AM

Data is everywhere in today’s digitally transforming landscape, but not all of the data your business collects will be eligible or ready for analysis. According to the Harvard Business Review, completing tasks or projects with flawed data costs up to 10 times more. Alternatively, using high-quality data in your initiatives leads to better, more accurate results. 

Data quality tools are the solutions companies use to ensure the data they’re leveraging is suitable for data analysis, evaluation, and processing. Today, we’re going to be looking at ten of the most popular and effective data quality tools available for data-driven brands.

Informatica Master Data Management

Created to help companies discover the true value of data, Informatica Master Data Management is a comprehensive toolkit for data collection and analysis. The system provides business leaders with a 360-degree view of their data landscape, while eliminating disparate, duplicate, and conflicting data sources. You can even identify relationships between data points at a glance.

Classified as a leader in the Master Data Management landscape, Informatica’s toolkit helps to define the quality of your data points, while improving the value of your insights. You’ll even be able to link interactions and transactions to uncover opportunities for improving engagement and business outcomes.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog

Created by one of the market leaders in information technology, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog, or “OCI”, is a metadata management solution providing data professionals with support for data governance. With this intuitive technology, specialists can discover data insights and ensure they’re only using the highest quality of data for analysis. 

The Oracle Cloud data quality tools specifically work best with the Oracle ecosystem, providing a comprehensive inventory overview of assets, a business glossary, as well as a common metastore for managing data lakes. 


Talend’s data quality solutions promise business leaders a convenient and straightforward way to profile, clean and standardise data across a range of systems. Part of the Talend data fabric ecosystem, Talend’s data quality system can profile your information instantly, clean away any duplicate information, and mask data in real-time.

Machine learning algorithms power recommendations to help you quickly and efficiently address data quality issues as data flows through your ecosystem. There’s even a self-service interface with technical users and business users alike, so everyone can create data profiles in a matter of seconds. 

Ataccama ONE

Acknowledged as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2021 for Data Quality solutions, Ataccama ONE offers self-driven data quality management. The intuitive technology helps business leaders and data specialists to understand the state of information within the business ecosystem, before validating and improving data stores. You can also use the system to prevent bad data from entering your landscape, and continuously monitor data quality.

Ataccama ONE automates data quality management with the help of AI algorithms to help minimise the amount of work invested in your data strategy. You can automatically spot anomalies in your data on the fly, set automated DQ rules, and customise your environment as often as needed.


Trifacta is a comprehensive data engineering cloud system designed to help companies transform and leverage their data assets. The open and interactive cloud platform allows engineers and analysts in the data landscape to collaboratively profile, manage, and pipeline data for machine learning and analytical projects.

The extensive cloud-based environment makes it easy to profile your data, instantly exploring and assessing the quality of any data asset in your environment. Once you’ve got a full view of the state of your data environment, Trifacta offers guidance on how to prepare and enhance your data for better outcomes in the long-term. You can even design automated data pipelines in a matter of minutes. 

SAS Data Management

Promising companies a better way to take charge of their data, SAS Data Management provides an industry-leading solution for information management and processing. The all-in-one SAS platform provides superior connectivity, so you can link all of your data assets for an end-to-end view of your environment. 

Once you’ve connected your data sources, the integrated data governance and metadata management tools helps with examining data quality. With SAS Data management, you get more than just a basic data quality solution. Everything from data federation to data quality technology comes built into the same architecture to ensure information is properly prepared for operational use, analytics, and visualisation purposes. 

TIBCO Cloud Clarity 3.1.0

The latest version of the cloud-based data quality tool from TIBCO, Cloud Clarity 3.1.0 is a data cleansing and preparation tool for the data-driven business. The comprehensive solution is available as a cloud-based service without the need for any installation, configuration, and setup. There’s even a simple and friendly interface for beginners in the data landscape. 

TIBCO’s cloud clarity solution will help with the discovery, profiling, and standardisation of raw data sets, collected from a range of disconnected sources. This ensures you can build the best collections of good quality data for various projects. 

Melissa Data

A leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for 2021, Melissa Data offers companies a complete data quality suite. The suite allows teams to instantly verify and correct crucial data at the point of entry. This suite is particularly focused on contact data, enabling the verification, standardisation, and management of addresses and contact information for over 240 countries.

The Melissa Data technology comes with intelligent tools to authenticate geo-data, phone numbers, and mobile numbers, as well as intelligent recognition to identify over 650,000 first and last names. There’s even the option to validate domain, syntax, spelling and SMTP for emails. 

Comma Group

Part of the Ampifi brand, the Comma Group is a provider of data solutions for today’s transforming business environments. Comma Group data quality helps companies to have more confidence in their data, with extensive solutions for examining the clarity, accuracy and consistency of data. The Comma Group goes above and beyond to ensure the value of your data by helping business leaders to identify the digital objectives they want to accomplish and find the data they need to achieve their goals. The team then helps with the creation of processes and protocols to maintain data quality. 

A comprehensive service offering, Comma Group’s data quality strategy involves not only cleaning existing data but ensuring ongoing data collection and management processes allow for more accuracy and consistency in the future. 


Soda offers data quality services in the form of a complete “data observability” platform. This allows teams to discover, prioritize, and resolve data issues in a collaborative, integrated environment. The all-in-one landscape brings teams closer to the data, resulting in analytics and outcomes teams can trust. The solution includes automated monitoring, testing and validation, and data fitness examinations to determine the strength of data. 

On top of an end-to-end strategy for improving the quality of your data, Soda also offers a valuable way to break down the informational silos in your business and develop trust in data. Through collaborative tools, you can bring people together to define what good data should look like going forward.