Top 10 Corporate Wellness Platforms

Published on
17/05/2021 10:26 AM

Work-related stress is one of the leading causes of mental ill-health. Defined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as the adverse human reaction to excessive pressures or other types of work demands, it is often brought on by poor work-life balance, overwhelming workloads, long hours, tight deadlines, and unsupportive managers. According to the 2020 UK Workplace Stress Survey, a staggering 79% of British workers commonly experience work-related stress, in which further research by HSE highlights that a grand total of 17.9 million working days were lost to the occupational health issue in 2019/20. These alarmingly high numbers are not, however, surprising. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered extensive lockdown measures, leading to mass remote working and, in turn, a complete reliance on digital workplace technologies for anything and everything. Rates of technostress and burnout have, therefore, skyrocketed, with one industry facing the brunt of it all: the IT sector. 

IT professionals have been at the forefront of work-related stress for years: the fast-paced nature of tech roles means professionals are susceptible to full-on employee burnout, with many in the UK ‘as stressed as NHS workers’. Pandemic-induced restrictions have only worsened these conditions, as tech employees are reportedly three times more stressed working from home than others. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that the Founder of digital challenger bank Monzo publicly announced that he was resigning due to the emotional strain of managing a full-blown tech business in a lockdown. So where does this leave IT and the working world in general? What enterprise solutions are available to support employee wellbeing and reduce stress levels?

Introducing the Top 10 Corporate Wellness Platforms:


Wellable is more of a corporate wellness partner than a platform. Backed by the research of 150 psychologists, economists, and business leaders around the world, it targets the inner-workings of workplace wellbeing - i.e. technology, company culture, and physical space - to minimise stress and tense environments. Applicable to all leading consumer wellness apps and devices, Wellable gives employees the opportunity to use the technology they favour. The enterprise tech solution also supports text messaging, emails, and print/digital flyers, making for an inclusive, seamless, and stress-free experience.

Users can expect fitness classes, health fairs, and roundtable discussions with world-class health educators. The additional Personal Wellness Assessment aids in giving employees tailored content and feedback on ways to manage burnout.

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Sprout at Work

Powered by cognitive behavioural science, game theory, behavioural economics, and 25 years of academic research, Sprout at Work is a smart workplace health app. Committed to reducing mounting employee stress, absenteeism, and associated healthcare costs, the platform uses holistic wellbeing programming to help employees return to work, stay healthy, and manage emotional-mental strain. Employers have the ability to educate, engage, and inspire their staff through Sprout at Work's real-time health risk assessments, an expansive content library full of wellbeing tips, unlimited virtual or in-person events, activity tracking, and customisable challenges across the three pillars of wellness: eat, move, and feel.

Each feature is also governed by Sprout at Work's health engine, which analyses user data to improve corporate culture.

Virgin Pulse

Marketed as a 'Homebase for Health', Virgin Pulse seeks to transform mental, physical, financial, social, community and emotional wellbeing in the workplace. Honing in on corporate stress, the platform incorporates daily self-care reminders, health risk assessments, an integrated social network to inspire colleague support, and strategic consultations with health coaches for advice on how to manage energy, stress triggers, and build time in your day to relax. Organisations can also take part in the VP Global Challenge and virtually travel and engage in fun, wellbeing competitions with various teams across the globe.

Available in 20+ languages and easily syncable to the company's very own fitness tracker 'Max Buzz', Virgin Pulse is the only truly global, on-the-go solution combating workplace burnout.

Sonic Boom Wellness

Sonic Boom Wellness takes a rather innovative approach to corporate stress management. Recently acquired by the leading direct healthcare provider Premise Health, the 'not your typical check-the-boxes employee wellness platform' focuses on boosting social engagement in healthy behaviours at work and home through creative, collaborative games. Workers can engage in personalised, friendly contests and daily challenges that work to encourage mental health breaks, stress resilience, and unhealthy habit busting. The platform also includes clinical tools such as health coaching and biometric screenings, plus 'Sonic Academy' - an educational hub of written resources, interactive quizzes, courses, and videos.

On top of this, employers can motivate long-term engagement in workplace health-habit-improvement by using Sonic Boom's reward/prize-driven Wellness Incentive Management System.

Everyone Wellness

The Everyone Wellness platform turns the traditional idea of a corporate wellness programme on its head by supporting employee stress management and relief in work and beyond. Striving to meet employees wherever they are on their health journey and encouraging them to work on what they find helpful and meaningful, the biometric-based desktop, mobile, and wearable device adapted app gives you over 200+ (and counting) mental and physical-boosting activities to choose from. From 'breathing and stretching at your desk' sessions, 'mastering meditation' lessons, walk meetings, and aromatherapy, the stress solutions are endless.

Extending this aid outside the workplace, Everyone Wellness also includes family members, giving them free life coaching. With more than ten automated reports, monitoring wellbeing couldn't be easier.


Suitable for businesses big and small, Tictrac  promises to reduce workplace stress-related sickness and absence. Founded on the premise that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and employee wellbeing is no different, the platform brings together inspiring stories, actionable hacks, yoga flows, guided meditations, and fun walking, running, and cycling challenges into one hub. Curated by a diverse cohort of wellness experts, the content empowers employees to improve their mental health and, most importantly, relieve stress and create the calm, space, and happiness they need to thrive. 

Offered in three-tiers, organisations can implement the readymade, bespoke, or decoupled API version of the app, with each one supplying deep insights for greater visibility into workplace wellbeing.


On a mission to 'revolutionise workplace wellbeing', Wellspace prides itself on tackling workplace, stress-induced absenteeism. The 2-in-1 app and portal aims to help boost employee health and, in turn, reduce work-related sick days. Key features include a digital content hub packed-full of resources about topics such as stress resilience and, most importantly, a Mood Tracker. The application gives staff a space to record their mood and identify patterns of stressors so they can take proactive steps towards improving their mental health.

Wellspace also supports employers in delivering corporate wellness. Managers can make informed workplace wellbeing decisions using real-time user data gathered from the app and choose from various levels of helpful Wellspace workshops, seminars, and/or coaching.

PAM Life

PAM Life is an online wellness coaching and health app that offers a tailored 'For Employers' service. Targeting the burnout worker, the corporate wellness solution focuses on positively influencing work-life balance by providing best practices for time management. From virtual sessions with wellness coaches to guided CBT therapy, PAM Life provides employees with a library of digital wellness tools that, as a whole, demonstrate how you should organise your time at work: divide it between tasks and frequent 'moments of pause' to ensure better organisation, mental health, and productivity.

The Personal Wellness Dashboard enables employees to track their efficiency levels, whilst the analytics feature provides employers with an insight into their team's performance and needs.

Hero Wellbeing

Part of a proactive campaign to tackle corporate stress, Hero Wellbeing's holistic health app has been designed to support workforces to become mentally, physically, financially, and socially resilient. Employees are afforded access to credible wellbeing articles on topics such as 'How to avoid working from home burnout', mindful health metric tracking, and personalised goal setting for managing sleep, exercise, nutrition, breathing, and habits. There's also the option of downloading quick, wholesome recipes, including nutritional data and instructional videos to maintain your food-mood relationship.

Powered by Hero Wellbeing's unique server, Navigator, the fully customisable platform is compatible with leading wearable technologies and provides organisations with real-time data and insights to measure and effectively aid employee wellbeing.


Working to combat the work-related stress that typically accompanies computer-bound roles, Welbot is a corporate wellness platform that focuses on delivering wellbeing initiatives through desktop notifications that pop-up at intervals throughout the day to ensure that employees are frequently checking in with themselves. Built on behavioural science theory, the software acts as a daily wellness motivator, encouraging staff to partake in exercises that relieve bodily tension, engage in regular screen breaks, and practice mindfulness.

The platform also enables individuals to keep a log of their hydration and educates you on the nutritional and stress-relieving benefits of eating a balanced diet, helping workers to become both physically and mentally fitter and calm.