Testing Application Security Challenges in 2022

Published on
02/02/2022 12:19 PM

Testing application security challenges is essential to ensure that we are moving forward with cybersecurity technology, however many organisations are still unable to identify the key challenges within their infrastructure. As with most facets of life, many organisations are still rooted in traditional attitudes; they previously invested in one approach to security and they are skeptical of rocking the formula. 

IT environments have, however, evolved dramatically over the last decade and organisations have moved beyond cloud migration programs and are now overhauling their applications in cloud-native ecosystems. These changes have led to strives in innovation, while also leaving space for vulnerabilities. This is where organisations need to start testing application security and building a more robust framework to protect their applications.

In this podcast, Head of Content Max Kurton talks to Andreas Lehofer, Chief Product Officer at Dynatrace. Andreas runs us through:

  • How to get a transparent view of application security
  • How to avoid consistent, distracting security alerts
  • The rate of evolution of IT environments in 2022.

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