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If you have been paying attention over the last few years, you will realise that cybersecurity is moving more towards an anticipatory approach, particularly with the advancements of managed detection and response software. Beyond this however, precautions now have to be interwoven into the very fabric of an organisation. Email protection is not enough; what we need is a comprehensive network throughout Microsoft 365 that establishes security precautions within Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive.

With the birth of the hybrid work environment, establishing security guidelines and implementing detection and response software throughout your team is essential. Organisations are now working throughout the cloud, which creates new attack vectors for adversaries. While productivity is up for organisations, it is also up for adversaries. Phishing scams and malware are now being tailor made for hybrid workers and the only solution is to invest in a more robust managed detection and response software. 

Discussing Managed Detection and Response Software and MSPs in this Podcast

In this podcast, we speak to Datto's CISO Ryan Weeks. Ryan walks us through the security gap in the public cloud and why it's causing deep problems for organisations, how to detect and respond to ransomware before it causes a problem for your organisation and how to build your first line of defence. This podcast is a must listen for anybody that works in a SME or startup; it's the ultimate guide for protection in the hybrid world. 

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