Data Health in Data-Driven Organisations

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While organisations are gradually becoming more data-driven, there are still organisations that rely solely on instinct. According to Talend's 2021 Data Health Survey, a whopping 36% of executives are still making gut based decisions, a method which has proved time and time again to be both inefficient and unpredictable. One of the contributing factors to gut based decision making is a lack of trust in data. Data quality varies from industry to industry but within single organisations, it can also vary from person to person. In fact, 38% of data users state that there are no data quality standards in place in their organisation, so why would executives trust data to make decisions?

Maintaining Healthy Data Quality in Data-Driven Organisations

The key to becoming data-driven means ensuring that everyone, from the data-producer to the data-user, is involved in the data lifecycle. This means decentralising data processes to ensure that every member of the team both has a transparent understanding of how data is being used but also feels equally involved in the process. In this episode of Data Transforming Business, we speak to Antony Elliott, Regional VP of Enterprise Sales for EMEA North, Talend about the best ways to maintain healthy data in data-driven organisations.

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