Ask the Expert: Dr Peter Bebbington and Dr Chris Knight at Brainpool AI

Published on

In this week's Ask the Expert, we speak with Dr Peter Bebbington (Chief Technology Officer) and Dr Chris Knight (Data Engineer) at Brainpool AI. Both have demonstrable software engineering experience, though Peter is particularly passionate about numerical analysis while Chris about data engineering and back-end web development.

In this episode, Peter and Chris introduce Brainpool AI's first two products, which apply artificial intelligence to construction and finance. Firstly, they begin with DAISY, which leverages AI and ML to improve efficiency of construction design. Peter and Chris demonstrate how DAISY can also alleviate some of the tedious, error-prone work designers have to do. Then, they outline how Forstack, their other product, enables better prediction accuracy and Sharpe ratio. Thus, Forstack is a valuable tool for financial markets.

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