CxO of the Week: CEO of Shift7 Megan Smith

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Throughout the world of tech, there have been many overachievers that inspire and influence us. Megan Smith stands at the forefront of these innovators. Smith has an unusual story in the world of tech. Following her extensive history in mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Smith became the COO of PlanetOut Corporation; a leading online LGBTQ community. Her outstanding achievements resulted in her becoming the CEO in years to come. In 2003, Smith became the Vice President of Google's New Business Development where she led many early acquisitions, such as the former versions of Google Earth, Google Maps and Picasa. She then became the Vice President of Google X.

Smith's Concern for Human Rights

Smith is a humanitarian at heart. She has worked to innovate engineering based projects such as Google for Nonprofits and Earth Outreach, all of which are used to highlight and contribute towards global issues. Smith also campaigns for women's rights. On top of speaking openly about the issues she has had to overcome as a woman in the tech industry, Smith co-founded "WomenTechmakers"; a program designed to empower and assist women in the industry.

Smith the Innovator

Smith's outstanding performance for Google allowed her to become the CTO of the White House. As an outstanding innovator, Smith was perhaps the most apt candidate to advance technology for the United States under the Obama administration. Finally, Smith founded shift7; a company designed to help companies collaboarte with tech innovators to ensure economic uplift. Smith's work towards helping women and people of colour extends into this project. Shift7 has been working with Navajo and Lakota Sioux partners in order to advance their technologies. Despite the high unemployment rates that many Native Americans face, Smith is working hard to develop technologies from these communities to ensure economic prosperity. Smith's innovations and belief in equality makes her our CxO of the week. For more inspiring CxO features, check out our article on Sean Ellis of GrowthHackers.

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