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Use Big Data to Engage Customers By… Knowing Your Customers Intimately Understand digital body language and predict customer behavior for enhanced personalisation. Experiment in live production with content, imagery, products, and services to market, sell, and serve interactively and optimally across all channels. Meeting Customer Needs In Real-Time Combine the data of descriptive and predictive models to determine what customers will do next and why they will do it for greater insight into their dynamically changing needs. Leveraging Data Across Your Organisation Improve operational efficiency, align initiatives, get relevant insights, and measure results effectively so you can focus resources on the most valuable opportunities. Oracle Big Data solution sits on a unified architecture that provides end-to-end data liquidity, tailored scalability, and security and privacy from the inside out. This allows you to innovate on a foundation of big data management, integration, analytics, and applications. This in turn enables your business to use big data analytics and applications to transcend reactive intelligence with proactive insight for dynamic marketing, sales, services, and operations. Turn customer interactions into big opportunities.