Cynozure Company Profile


A data and analytics strategy consultancy, Cynozure is on a mission to change the way business is done through positive use of data. In collaboration with forward-thinking organisations, governments, and individuals Cynozure advises - and delivers on - all aspects of data and analytics strategies. This is achieved through advisory services, coaching and mentoring, solution and organisational design, technology implementation, business change programmes, and on-going support services. Cynozure’s team and associates are thought leaders and experts in this space. Many have a background in industry, and frontline experience of what is required to create leading data-driven organisations. Now they have a united goal: equip leaders and their organisations with the ability to understand and leverage their data. Cynozure will help identify the value that exists within data, and how it can be used to transform business strategy, products, services and operations. There is a clear focus on ensuring that incredible business (and social) value is delivered, to maximise the transformational power of data across society.