Contrast Security Company Profile

Contrast Security

Most companies build or buy software applications to run their business. Unfortunately, application code exposes critical vulnerabilities to hackers. Contrast solves this complex problem with a bold new secure technology platform that transforms application security by making software self-protecting. 

Intelligent Contrast agents are injected into the code, instrumenting applications with thousands of smart, agile sensors that detect and correct vulnerabilities before deployment, and protect the software applications in operation. No legacy security tool can protect every application. But a tenacious army of intelligent Contrast sensors can.

The Contrast technology platform is a fundamentally new way to protect a company from threats, giving our customers visibility and accuracy that verges on clairvoyance. Because Contrast technology works hand-in-glove with agile and DevOps teams, it transforms every software application in a company’s portfolio from a weak spot into a strong point to decisively repel attacks.

Because Contrast technology runs at the speed of business, it transforms everyone responsible for software into defenders of the company, protectors of company data, and guardians of customers’ personal information. Because we focus on the security of their apps, Contrast is an indispensable partner so our customers can focus on running their business.