Tech Chat: Leveraging Intelligent Automation to Deliver Exceptional CX

Published on
07/04/2021 11:08 AM
Youtube Video

Despite rising customer expectations, many organisations continue to rely on outdated, manual processes that cause delays, frustration, and hold businesses back. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its related technologies, including Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), are creating a sea of change across nearly every data-centric industry, automating everything from underwriting to customer onboarding and procure-to-pay. 

In this special episode of Tech Chat, Nay Odutola, VP of EMEA at Hyperscience, interviews Tamara Ries, Head of Third Party Management at wefox Insurance. Assessing the value of investing in intelligent automation, Tamara gives us some of her insights into how Hyperscience has helped wefox deliver exceptional CX.